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04 October 2004 @ 10:53 am
Fic Facing Reality  
Abrie mentioned some time ago about some posable Andrie/Deigo, but I never saw it. Then the plot bunny bit me. (Darn Bunnies)

Facing Reality
Rated pg13 to be safe.
Aug 21, 2004
Kelli Howard
Fanfic for Natura Morta by Abrie, www.sublunairy.net
The story hasn’t gotten this far yet so this is “Alternate Universe”, and probably a bit Out of Character.
Also I don't have a bata reader, sorry for to many typos.

Diego woke up to an odd mix of rock and roll and classical music being played on a violin. Rubbing the sleep out of his eye and trying to shake the fog out of his mind he saw someone with red hair playing a violin on the other side of the small apartment. At first he thought it was the girl, Nicky, but that couldn’t be right, Nicky didn’t play a violin did she? Then he remembered Julian’s friend Andrei had come to stay with them last night, he had red hair and had had a violin with him. Diego looked around for Julian and Nicky but they weren’t there and nor couldn’t feel them anywhere in the apartment.

Andrei noticed that Diego was awake; the dark haired beauty was sitting up looking around him with big blue eyes looking ever so much like an abandoned kitten. “Ah, your awake.” He said, “How are you feeling tonight?” He asked putting his violin away and sitting on the edge of the bed beside Diego.

“Where are Julian and Nicky?” Diego asked.

“They went to get some food. I said I would stay here with you.” Andrei’s fingers itched to smooth Diego’s sleep tangled hair away from his pale face. “We have some time to tend to your breakfast before they get back.”

Diego was at first annoyed that Julian thought he needed a babysitter, then the other thing Andrei said clicked in place and he blanched whiter than he already was, “I don’t want it.” He stated flatly, trying to get up and away and hopping Andrei would not push the issue.

Andrei saw Diego’s reaction, he could sympathize with the reluctant vampire, but he also thought the boy was being foolish, and they didn’t have time for foolishness. Diego’s unusual creation and his subsequent refusal to drink blood had made him a pawn in vampire politics, and more than a few people were trying to kill him. “You’ve already had blood Diego, drinking milk now will only make you sick. And if you don’t drink blood you will get weak and confused again.”

Diego groaned and hid his face in his hands; he didn’t remember drinking blood the first time. His mind had been so messed up. He knew that Julian had cut his wrist, and the girl Nicky had been there too, but it was all a murkily vague images. He did remember the next night though. He had tried to drink the milk that had been left for him and had been violently ill. The only thing that had made him stop hurting was Julian cutting his wrist to feed him.

Andrei scooted closer to Diego getting more comfortable. “You don’t really have much of a choice anymore.”

Diego didn’t pull away as Andrei leaned against him; the smell of his blood and the heat of his body were drawing Diego like a magnet, making him want to grab the boy and tare at his neck. “I should wait for Julian.” He tried to stall, but his arms were slipping around the slim redheaded with a mind of their own..

“Julian isn’t here.” Andrei said, gently guiding Diego’s lips to his neck. “He would if he were here, but he shouldn’t, it’s too soon.”

“I can’t ask this of you.” Diego protested. But he was not sure he could stop now if Andrei suddenly changed his mind. “I might hurt you.”

“You haven’t asked, I’m offering. And you won’t hurt me, I’m a servant remember? We are born for this”

Diego didn’t resist any longer, he locked his arms around the willing boy and he sank his fangs in to Andrei’s neck. Warm rich blood flooded his senses, easing the ache in his body and replacing it with a feeling of strength and contentment that chased the fog from the corners of his mind,

Andrei didn’t flinch when Diego finally gave in to his nature. He had been Vanka’s servant for the last two years. He wrapped his arms around the boy trying to reassure him that it was ok. He resisted the urge to tangle his hands in the long black hair or crease Diego’s smooth white skin.

Through the newly forming blood bond Diego felt Andrei’s attraction to him. He found himself comparing Andrei strong wiry body to Nicky. He remembered her soft curves from when he had kissed her on the roof the night before. He was surprised that the differences were not at all unpleasant.

After what seem an eternity but was really only a few minuets Diego let go of Andrei’s neck, then cautiously and deliberately kissed him on the lips. Andrei gently returned the kiss, savoring the moment.

When the kiss ended there was and awkward moment. They were both unsure what to do next. They were saved by the sound of keys opening the door as Julian and Nicky came back with there arms full of grocery bags.

“We got it Andrei.” Julian said pulling a bottle out of a bag and handing it to Andrei while checking to see that Diego was doing al right.

“Great! I’ll get the cups.” Andrei answered brightly, jumping up to do just that.

“Got what?” Diego asked, stretching like a cat and getting out of bed. He hated admitting it, but he really did feel a much better.

“Chocolate sauce to go in all that milk we have left.” Nicky said helping Andrei fill and stir cups.

“Someone needs to drink it all before it goes bad.” Andrei added.

Diego groaned in embarrassment and grabbing clean clothes and nearly ran into the bathroom, slamming the door behind him so he wouldn’t hear Andrei and Julian snickering.