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02 December 2004 @ 10:31 am
Fic: The Truth Be Kown  
The Truth Be Known
Kelli H.
Fan fic for Natura Morta
Original characters from Abril’s world,
I’m just playing in her sandbox.

A note for those who don’t know the comic. (The really short version.)
The vampire servants are humans with a genetic mutation that makes them unable to be changed into vampires. The vampires have exploited this, and have been for many generations, breading and training them to be a food source and personal servants/slaves.

I’d been seeing cat for a few month. Joseph was okay with me having Cat for a friend. But cat was getting curious as to just what the relationship between Joseph and I was. He knew that I wasn’t his boy toy, but he didn’t understand why I jumped to Joseph’s tune. The night we met he had caught a glimpse of Joseph feeding from me and saw blood on my neck, but he didn’t know what he had seen. He had been willing then to let me evade telling him what was going on after I assured him that I was ok and didn’t need or want rescuing.

A few days ago one of Joseph’s business associates gave him some premo concert tickets. He couldn’t use them; they were for during the day. Rather than letting them go to waste he gave them to me and suggested I invite Cat.

We were in a good mood from the concert when we got to my home. Cat had driven and it was just a little past sundown, I had been planning to say-good by and have him drop me off in front of the house when Joseph spoke in my head telling me it would be ok with him if I wanted to have Cat come in. He would be leaving soon for the night and we could have the house to ourselves.

When we got inside he and cat exchanged pleasantries, talking about the concert and plans for the night. Joseph soon excused himself, saying he had a few things he needed me to take care of before he left and asked me to followed him to the his office. He really did have a list of thing I needed to get done in the next few days. But the real reason I was there was because he wanted to feed before he left. No surprise to me, I had been expecting it.

What I didn’t know was that Joseph had deliberately left the door to the office ajar and had waited to feed for Cat to be in the hall way. Cat got the full show as I pulled off the turtleneck sweater I was wearing, exposing my pale skinny torso and moving my hair out of the way, Joseph revealing his fangs in an overly dramatic gesture, and biting me. Joseph looked Cat right in the eyes while he drank, and winked. Can we say “dear in the headlights?” Cat nearly ran back to the main room. Joseph told me what he had done. If Cat wanted to be my friend he should know the truth, but his life depended on how he reacted to that truth.

Back in the main room, Cat was almost shaking with fear and curiosity. He tried to act like nothing had happened when a short time latter Joseph and I came out. Joseph winked at him again, wished us a pleasant evening and left; left me with a lot of explaining to do.