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28 October 2005 @ 09:39 pm
fic. Stepping Out On Halloween  
written for buhfly
Halloween Challenge 2005
Title: Stepping Out On Halloween
Author: Kelli H./nessa5
Rating: G
Word Count: 810
Summary: written for buhfly’s Halloween Challenge 2005
Note: Original characters. They are part of my Servants Journals stories that can be Found in my LJ and 100originalfics

Stepping Out On Halloween

Kat had invited me to go with him to a party. You might think it strange that at my age I’d never been to a Halloween party, but I hadn’t.

Joseph was letting me go. Not that he wouldn’t have let me go any other year, but that I’d never had anywhere to go on Halloween before I met up with Kat. Joseph never went out on Halloween. He badly quoted someone from Buffy, “The real monsters never go out on Halloween. It’s our night off.” He was going to stay home, in his favorite jeans, and flannel shirt watching movies and handing out full size Snickers bars to the neighborhood kids that came Trick-or-Treat.

Kat came to get me just after sundown. He wore a black leather trench coat over a black sweater and pants with his long back hair hanging loose and his beautiful green eyes…Green? Kat has blue eyes! Duh, it took me a moment. He had in colored contacts.

I’d been almost as giddy about my costume as a ten year old girl. I’d spent several hours on the internet finding just the right gold lame’ shirt, coupled with black leather pants and trench coat. My hair is naturally white-blond and I have very pale blue eyes. If you look closely, and I find most people don’t, you will see that the pupils of my eyes are slit like a cat’s.

Both the hair and eyes are marks of me being bred, born, and raised as vampire chow.

Kat and I applied the fangs we’d gotten from a holiday specialty shop and went out to let Joseph see us. I just hoped he wasn’t offended or angry or something.

Joseph nearly busted a gut laughing when he saw us.

We were about to leave when Joseph called me back, “Hey Lestat, aren’t you forgetting something?” I kind of look blank at him, what had I forgot? “How about some bite marks to finish the character?”

I wasn’t going to say no to anything he wanted, but Lestat is supposed to be the ‘Brat Prince’, who would he let bite him? I hadn’t said it aloud but maybe the thought showed on my face, because he just laughed and pointed a thumb at ‘Louis’. Good point.

So I let him mark me. Usually when Joseph feeds he bites low on my neck, almost on the shoulder, it hurts less, heals faster, and is easer to hide under clothing. This time he carefully placed marks where they would be clearly visible but not close to my jugular. He let the wounds trickle a little bit for added effect.

Kat tried not to watch or look embarrassed while Joseph fed. He’d only seen this a few times, and was still getting used to the idea that Joseph was a real vampire who killed people, and that as a vampire servant, Joseph owned me.

When Joseph was done he looked at Kat, “Shouldn’t you have some too?”

Kat looked stunned. He clearly wasn’t to keen on the idea of letting Joseph mark him. After an awkward minute of silence he said warily, “Shine told me it’s the bite alone and not just the loss of blood can be dangerous for a normal human.”

“A very small and quick marking won’t hurt you. If you don’t believe me, trust Shine, if my offer had been dangerous to you, he’d be having kittens about now trying to figure out a way to stop me.” With that statement they both looked at me, I’d been stunned at Joseph’s offer too. I wasn’t worried that a quick bite could make Kat sick, but that it would mean that Joseph was claiming Kat as a human servant, even though Kat would be unaware of it. Further more, it meant that Joseph truly accepted Kat as part of my life and he would have protection from any other vampires he might run in to. By hanging out with me, that wasn’t an unlikely possibility.

I gave Kat a shaky smile, “It’ll be fine, and we will win any contest for best make-up.”

Kat wasn’t too thrilled but he nodded consent and stood rigid as Joseph stepped behind him. He held Kat firmly and quickly poked his fangs in and out of Kat’s neck. Kat yelped once at the suddenness of the pain but didn’t jerk away before Joseph released him. He went to brush his fingers over the marks, but I caught his hand. “Don’t touch; you’ll smear the ‘make-up’. Besides, if you scratch at them they’ll just itch more.”

“The voice of experience?” he said dripping sarcasm.

“You bettah believe it”, I answered him cheerfully.

Kat looked at Joseph suspiciously, “Can we go now?”

Joseph waved us away out the door, telling us to have a good time, and be back by dawn.

cindytsuki_no_bara on October 31st, 2005 10:31 am (UTC)
a little unsettling, with all the biting, but i really like the costumes and the quick peek into the protocols of biting. (i haven't read anne rice in so long i forget who turned lestat, but that's who he'd let bite him. :D )
Nessa/Kellinessa5 on October 31st, 2005 11:19 am (UTC)
Thank you. Vampiers are fun to do.
My vamps have little in comon with Ann Rice's vamps

Lestat was turned by an Old outcast vamp called Mangus (sp?) who promptly through himself into the fire afterwords leaving Lestat to figuar things out on his own.