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fic. a Drabble for # 15 Blue

Written for 100originalfics
Title: Sky Blue
’Verse/characters: Servants Journals, Shine
Prompt: # 15 blue
Word Count: 100
Rating: g
Notes: Drabbles are fun. It’s a challenge to hit only 100 words.

Shine stood in the back yard, the sun hung low enough behind him to not be in his eye as he stared upwards. Golden leaves rustled nervously over his head as the wind tried to blow them off the trees. Wispy clouds raced across the sky to catch up to the storm just passed. Where the end of the storm hung on the horizon the sky was a dark indigo that faded to the palest eggshell directly over his head.

Shine sighed, it was sad to think that Joseph would never be able to see the endless blue sky again.
Tags: the blood servant's stories
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