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Fic Where am I going? #78 Where

Written for 100originalfics
Title: Where am I going?
’Verse: Servants Journals
characters: Shine/Mike/Dug
Prompt: #78 Where
Word Count: 645
Rating: g
Notes: Takes place just before Shine is sent to Joseph. At the Green Creek School

Shine, Mike and Dug were sitting alone near the fire place of the common room of the boarding school. “I wonder where I’ll be going.” Shine sighed for the hundredth time that evening. His friends were starting to get a little tired of if.

“I’m sure you’ll be finding out soon.” Mike said, “Master Brock only told me yesterday where I am being sent to, and he only told me her name and where she lives.”

“But Mike, you don’t turn eighteen till next month, and he told you last night.” Dug chimed in, “Shine turned eighteen last week. And they haven’t told him anything. He should have been on his way by now.”

“Well I’ll be leaving the day after my birthday for New England. Maybe we will leave together, Shine.” Mike said trying to cheer up his friend.

“You’re going to be in New England?” Said Dug sounded excited, “That’s great. I’ll be in New York. After my birthday next year, of course.”

“And you already know where you’re going to be.” Shine sighed again.

“Well yes, it’s common for one of us to take over for a grand parent. It was arranged almost as soon as I was born that when I turned eighteen my grandpa would be allowed to retire and I would take his place.” He sounded a little defensive, it wasn’t his fault he had known where he would be going most of his life.

“My older brother took my grandfathers place three years ago.” Ray sulked.

“My grandparents aren’t old enough to worry about it yet.” Mike shrugged, “That leaves you and me available for any master that can afford us.”

“We are not for sale!” Ray said offended.

“Any Master with enough money to pay off the school for us then.” Snarked Dug. “What would you call it? We might not be ‘for sale’, but we aren’t free either.”

“Then I guess no body thinks I’m worth it.” Shine pouted.

“Come on Shine it’s only been a month. Remember Mary? She was here three months after her birthday last year before she left.”

“Cheer up Shine. Someone will pick you soon enough.” Mike said to reassure his friend, “They probably already have someone and are finishing up negotiations before they tell you.”

“O, come on. Shine.” Said Dug impatiently, “Stop being so dramatic, of course you will be chosen soon. There are more of them than us you know, you don’t think that pretty neck of yours is never going to bit do you?”

“O, thank you that makes me fell so much better.” Shin’s sarcasm was clear, but at least he was smiling again.

Dug just grinned at his friend.

“I’ll probably end up on the west coast, so far away from you two that I’ll never see you again.” Shine seemed determined to be gloomy tonight.

“With the internet and e-mail and web-cams and instant massaging and stuff, we’ll be able to stay in touch easy.” Mike said aiming a making a mock punch to Shine’s chin, “I promise you I will.”

Dug decided he had had enough mopping for one night and changed the subject, “I’m hungry, I bet if we are quiet we can sneak into the kitchen and see if they have any of that cake we had for dinner left.”

“Shine, you had k.p. tonight, was there any left?” Mike asked getting to his feet, cake sounded good to him too.

“Yes there was, what will you give me to tell you where it is hidden?” Shine asked slyly.

“He wants a bribe?” Mike said pretending to look shocked.

“You must be mistaken my dear Shine,” said Dug, “we would never bribe you to tell us something is; we’d just beat it out you.” Dug said catching Shine in a mock head lock and dragging him along to the kitchen.


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