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Fic: Jocks prompt 22

Written for 100originalfics

Title: Jocks
’Verse: Servants Journals
Characters: Shine, Doug, Mike
Prompt: #22 enemies
Word Count:
Rating: G
Notes: Takes place when the boys are sixteen, close to seventeen.

# 22 Enemies

It was late on Saturday afternoon; Mike, Doug, and I were hanging out at the video arcade in town. We had played a few games, but mostly we were watching the girls. Okay, Mike and Doug were watching the girls, I was watching guys. (I’d figured out early that I preferred boys over girls. When I’d told Mike his reaction had been something like, ‘Really? Cool, less competitions for us.’) We were just hanging out and having fun, like everybody els in the arcade. Doug poked me in the ribs when he saw me watching some guy in denim so tight it had to have been painted on. I got to return the favor to him by lifting his chin up off the ground when a pair of tits too big to be real came jiggling by attached to a girl who didn’t even notice he existed.

We are servants in training, not prisoners. But we are minors and an afternoon away from school without supervision was a privilege that didn’t come often and had to be earned. Sometimes I wonder if they are also tests to prove our loyalty, (or maybe that’s should be our intelligence.) It does happen sometimes, very rarely thank god, that a student will try to run away. They never make it of course, and when they are caught, they are brought back and executed in front of the entire school. It has only happened once in the time I’ve been in the school, but I’ve never forgotten it. But I’m getting away from my story.

We were not looking for trouble, but wouldn’t you know it; that great afternoon just had to get screwed up. The stars of the local high school football team and all their cronies entered the arcade; they didn’t just walk in, they ‘Made and Entrance’. They really thought they were hot shit coming in and taking over the room. They thought they could get away with anything, and being rude was the least of their offenses. Lots of kids left, the ones that stayed were either part of their gang, hangers on, or wannabes.

Mike, Doug and I were unimpressed. When you live with the real monsters and your PE teacher teaches self defense with tricks he’s learned over four hundred years the jocks just don’t impress you much. None the less, we decided to leave too. Better to avoid trouble when you can, is also something they try to teach us.

Regrettably, they don’t teach the jocks that; how to avoid trouble that is. It happens at least once a year; the jocks have to prove they are tough and show they can kick the asses of the wimpy white haired freaks from the creepy private school outside of town. They should know better by now. They saw us leaving and decided that we looked like easy pray and blocked the door, “Where do you freaks think you’re going?” and “Who let you freaks in here?”

I’m afraid we spoiled their fun by not responding to their taunts. Mike bamboozled the leader with the simplest of tricks. He made his eyes go big and looking over the guys shoulder cried, “What is that?” Would he really be that dumb? Yup. When the fool turned around to look, we simply ran around them and out the door. We kept running intent on being out of sight before they decided to come after us, though we were laughing so hard our sides hurt.

However we still had to take the bus back to school, and unfortunately for us, someone in their little entourage must have a working brain, because latter when we got to the bus stop four of them were waiting for us. Shit!

If they wanted a fight this bad I guess we were going to have to give them one.


When we finally got back to the school Mike had a black eye, Doug had cuts on his knuckles and I had a busted lip and bloody nose. Head Master Brock was waiting for us at the door, his arms crossed and a frown on his face. You really don’t want to have a master vampire frowning at you. There was no way to hide that we’d been in a fight as we stood sheepishly on the door steps. At first I nervous, then something in me changed, I don’t know what it was but I wasn’t afraid anymore, and I wasn’t sorry for what I’d done, and I wasn’t going to apologize, though I was probably setting myself up for a beating. He must have seen the change on me because he raised an eyebrow at me, “Do you have anything to say for your selves?” he asked his deep voice rather ominous.

I don’t know why, but the question brought out the smart ass in me. I stood up straight, smiled and looked him in the eyes and said “You should have seen the other guys!” It changed everything, his cheek twitched, and I could tell he was trying not to laugh.

“Get inside.” He said trying to sound angry. When we got in side Master Brock said, “You are restricted to your rooms until further notice” He waited for a round of ‘yes sirs’ from each of us before continuing, “Shine and Mike, you two will report yourselves to Mr. Kent for extra coaching, you obviously need to learn to duck faster.” Then he dismissed us. As I was about to walk away he added, “And Shine, the cook will be expecting you first thing tomorrow and for the next for the next four weeks.” Then he turned and walked away.

All in all, it could have been a lot worse.
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