Nessa/Kelli (nessa5) wrote,

Fic: Wine prompt 39 Taste

#39: Taste
Title: Wine
’Verse: Servants Journals
Characters: Shine
Prompt: 39 taste
Word Count: 269
Rating: g
Notes: Shine talking about himself and Joseph. These snippits seem to be mostly world building. Wish I had an overall plot.

Joseph can still enjoy the taste of drinks other than blood, but only in very small amounts. Often he will sample a sip of something I’m drinking, be it a new soda or fancy coffee. It’s not uncommon for me to find him sipping a shot of whisky or sweet liquor. The alcohol doesn’t affect him straight like that, if he wants to feel a buzz he has to get it second hand, in the blood of his victims.

He especially likes fine wines. When he was alive he’s one of those people who could take a sip from an unmarked glass and tell you who made it and in what year. Shortly after I came to him he started educating me about wines. I learned what to look for in a good wine, and what makes a bad one and to taste the differences. For my twenty-first birthday he signed me up for an wine appreciation class that include a fancy dinner, wine tasting, and a lecture once a week for eight weeks.

What does he get from me appreciating a good wine? Well like I said before he can only drink a small amount and once a bottle is opened it will not stay good long enough for him to drink it all himself, so when he opens a bottle he gets a glass and I get the rest. (If he just wanted to get buzzed any old cheep booze would have done.) By the time the bottle is empty, I’m pleasantly toasted, he drinks from me and he gets to get buzzed too. We both win.
Tags: the blood servant's stories
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