Nessa/Kelli (nessa5) wrote,

fic: Just Wondering prompt 13 yellow

Written for 100originalfics
Title: Just Wondering
’Verse: Servants Journals
Characters: Joseph
Prompt: 13 Yellow
Word Count: 165
Rating: G
Notes: Just a snippet of Joseph thinking.

Most nights Shine goes to bed before me. A lot of what he dose for me needs to be done during the day so I don’t expect him to wait up for me, and I don’t necessarily need companionship in the hours before dawn.

One morning when I came home there was a bunch of roses in a cleaned out mayonnaise jar in the center of the kitchen table. Their sent sweet sent filled the room and even though I hadn’t turned on the light, I could see they were a bright cheery yellow.

I know that Shine is gay, but he’s not effeminate, so what’s was up with the roses? Right then all I want was a shower and my bed and the dawn was approaching all too quickly. I was going to ask him about the roses when I got up, but I forgot that evening and the next night too. By the third night they were gone and I forgot about them.


Tags: the blood servant's stories
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