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29 January 2006 @ 03:34 pm
Fic: A Tradional Thanskgiving, prompts 24, 93, 33, 28  
Written for 100originalfics

Title: A Traditional Thanksgiving
part 1 Meet the Family
Verse: Servants Journals
Characters: Shine and Kat
Prompt: # 24 Family
Word Count: 1057
Rating: g

#24 Family

“I told my parents about you.” Kat told him. They were lounging on Shine’s bed, enjoying the afterglow from some afternoon delight.

“You did? What did you tell them?”

“That I have the most wonderful boyfriend.”

“You told them that? You told them you had a ‘BOY’ friend and they didn’t freak?”

“I told my parents years ago. They weren’t real happy about it but they didn’t disown me or anything. And I have three sisters, so it’s not like they weren’t going to get grandchildren. But still they’ve been hoping the right girl will come along and change my mind. Want to dash their hopes and come home with me for the holiday?”


Shine picked Kat up from his apartment early in the morning of Thanksgiving Day. Kat only had a motorcycle so they were taking Shine’s car. It was normally a four hour trip to Kat’s parent’s house and they were hoping that by leaving early they could avoid holiday traffic.

They were wrong.

“You told them you were bringing me right?” Shine asked Kat as they sat on in the parking lot that called itself a freeway. He was more than a little nervous at meeting Kats Family. Shine’s family was scattered across the country and growing up in the ‘school’ and living with Joseph, he’d never had a traditional type Thanksgiving.

“I told them I was bringing my boyfriend. I wanted to warn them so they could make sleeping arrangements. They turned my old room into an office almost as soon as I’d moved out. My little sister is the only one still living at home. My next older sister is coming from collage and might bring her boyfriend. My oldest sister and her husband and children are going to be there too. It’s going to be a full house. We might have to flip a coin to see who sleeps in the living room on the hide-a-bed.”

“Oh.” Shine said, not feeling very comfortable, that sounded like a lot of people.

“Don’t worry my mom’s going to love you. She’ll say ‘You are too skinny” and try to feed you. My sister, Stephanie, is going to want to dye you white hair some weird color. Don’t’ let her.” Kat tried to cheer up his friend.

“…and you father’s going to think I’m not good enough for you because I’m just a gofer/housekeeper, and your big sister is not going to let me be around her kids afraid being gay might rub off on them” Shine grumped.

Kat just laughed at him squeezing Shine’s thigh. “They’ll love you, you’ll see. Stop worrying.”


It took them six hours to make the drive. Shine followed Kat’s directions for the last few miles as he led them to a neighborhood full of well cared for turn of the century homes. The street was lined with big trees with leaves all gold, red, and brown, it looked like something from a picture postcard.

The house Kat directed him to a two story house with a porch all around the bottom level and a balcony across the top of the front. A large pile of leaves was raked up in the front yard, the rake leaning against the big tree that dominated the yard. There were already three cars crowding the drive way, so they looked for a place to park on the street. They ended up half a block away; Kat’s family wasn’t the only one on the block with company.

Shine heard a child shouting “He’s here, he’s here!” before they had walked half way to the house, soon people started pouring out of the house to greet them. Shine stood aside as Kat received enthusiastic hugs and kisses from his family. Before he could feel like a complete intruder Kat pulled him close, holding him with an arm around his waist and introduced him.

Shine had to give them credit; they were only hesitated for about thirty seconds before Kat’s mother gave him a little hug. “I’m so glad you could join us. Chris told us he was bringing a friend with him.”

Kat’s father shook his hand, “Pleased to meet you.” he said, Shine could tell the man was determined to be nice. “What are we all standing around out here for, it’s cold. Let’s go inside to finish introductions.” He said herding everyone back into the house.

It comforted Shine that Kat kept his arm around him as they walked to the house, “Chris?” Shine whispered to Kat.

“Mom refuses to call me Kat.” Kat shrugged.

“I’d better not let her know my legal name then. The story from Raymond to Shine is too embarrassing.”

“Does my little Ray of Sunshine not like his name?” Kat asked teasingly.

“Call me that again ‘Chris’ and you can sleep alone tonight.” He answered with a falsely sweet smile.

Inside the house was warm with the smell of turkey and pies and fresh baking bread filling the air. Interdictions were made while they hung up their coats and were told to make them selves at home.

There was Mr. and Mrs. Evans, Kats mom and dad. His oldest sister, Sara was there with her husband Bob, and their two children, adorable little five year old Jenny, and her big brother Ben, who was proud to announce that ‘he was seven years old thank you very much and could sit at the grown up table this year’. Kat’s next older sister Stephanie gave him a hug, she had red and purple streaks in her long black hair, and just as Kat had predicted, she was immediately fascinated with Shine snow white hair. Last was Kat’s little sister, Anne, a ten year old who looked just like her brother, they even both had hair the same length. Anne introduced Shine to the family’s newest additions, three black and white cats just out of kittenhood, Tipsy, Topsy, and Turvy.

It was noisy happy chaos, everyone tried to talk to everyone ells at the same time. There was a football game on the TV but no one was watching it. The kids were running through the room dragging strings with Tipsy, Topsy and Turvy right on their heels. Anne was showing him her guitar. The sounds from pots and pans and kitchen appliances came out of the kitchen.

Title: A Traditional Thanksgiving
part 2 Dinner is Served
Verse: Servants Journals
Characters: Shine and Kat
Prompt: 93 Thanksgiving
Word Count: 259
Rating: g

# 93 Thanksgiving

Shine hadn’t expected it to be like a TV commercial with a bunch of happy people around a table groaning under the holiday feast. But that’s what he got.

They had managed to squeeze everybody around one big table. He ended up sitting across from Kat next to Stephanie. There was no kid table this year to Ben’s dismay; Jenny was sitting on three phone books so she could reach the table.

The table was already full of food. There were two kinds of potatoes, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, and green salad. Cranberries both jellied and relished, an orange Jell-O type thing with fruit in it, corn on the cob, sliced cheese and pickles, and lots of fresh hot homemade dinner rolls was just what Shine could remember latter. All that didn’t include the pie, cake, and cookies still in the kitchen.

Mrs. Evens with great fanfare brought out the turkey, Mr. Evens carved it at the table. Plates and platters were passed around the table until every plate was filled. Before they started eating Mrs. Evens declared that since it was Thanksgiving Dinner, they should say at least a short pray of thanks. Shine wasn’t much into praying, but held his peace and said a-man with every body ells. Then they started eating, and talking and eating some more.

It didn’t feel real to Shine, but it did feel good. Across the table Kat smile at him and winked, the smile turned lecherous for just an instant. He knew there was a reason he loved the guy.

Title: A Traditional Thanksgiving
part 3 Not Really Part
Verse: Servants Journals
Characters: Shine and Kat
Prompt: # 33 Too Much
Word Count: 562
Rating: g

# 33 Too Much

After dinner Shine and Kat both helped Mrs. Evens and Sara clean the kitchen. Shine wondered aloud what they were going to do with all the leftovers as he helped put in all in containers and in the fridge. Mrs. Evens assured him that by the end of the weekend there wouldn’t be any left. “Do you prefer turkey sandwiches on white or wheat bread dear?” and “It’s soup with the carcass for lunch tomorrow.”

In the living room Mr. Evens and Sara’s husband Bob both dosed off watching a football game, oblivious to the noise around them. Jenny and Ben had the cats chasing them again and Stephanie and Anne were playing video games.

It was again the perfect family picture, but suddenly Shine didn’t’ feel like part of it. He got his jacket made his way through the kitchen to the back porch without anyone noticing him.

The back porch was a small jungle of hanging and potted plants lit by the light coming through the back door window. It’s too bad I don’t smoke he thought, I’d have an excuse to be out here. The cold air on his face felt good after being in a house that was too hot from all the people and baking that filled it.

The quiet blackness beyond the porch beckoned him to explore. His eyes adjusted quickly to the dark as he walked through the back yard, one of the advantages of his ‘gift’ that made it easer to serve a master who lives at night. A flower bed near the house had been turned for the winter and several rose bushes had been pruned. He could smell smoke form a neighbor’s fire place. A couple of big trees covered the back yard, but no one had raked yet and dry leaves crunched under his feet. Hanging from one of the trees was a bench swing.

Kat came looking for him a little while latter. Shine saw him on the porch. “Out here” he called quietly, “Join me?” Kat made his way to the swing more from memory than sight he put his arm around Shine when he sat down. Shine leaned into him. They sat holding each other, savoring the company enjoying the warmth

“It’s not always like that, you know.” Kat said a after a while.

“Like what?”

“Everyone being so nicey-nice to each other. They are just determent to make this a good holiday this year and are being on their best behavior. If we all had to be together in one place for more than a weekend there’d be fights and temper tantrums daily. Sara and Dad didn’t talk to each other for two years once.”

Shine grunted. “I used to think that I missed out on something, not having a traditional family. Thanks for bringing me.”

“Any time. Mom wants to know if you’re coming for Christmas. She told me to inviting you.”

Shine didn’t have to think about it long. “Would I hurt you feeling if I said no?”

“Too much for you?”

“A little.”

“Twice a year is about all I can take too.”

Shine stopped the talking by trailing wet kisses up Kat’s neck to his ear and back down his cheek to meet his eager lips. Soft moaning and creaking of the swing floated in the nightly sounds of crickets and distant laughter.

Title: A Traditional Thanksgiving
part 4 Night, Morning, Noon, and Night again
Verse: Servants Journals
Characters: Shine and Kat
Prompt: # 28 children
Word Count: 469
Rating: g

# 28 children

By luck of a coin toss between Kat and his sister Stephanie, Kat and Shine ended up sleeping on the fold out sofa bed in the living room. By the time the room had been emptied of people and the bed made they were both ready to sleep, it had been a long day for them. By tactic agreement they both wore sweat pants and t-shirts, but Shine fell asleep rapped in Kats arms.

Shine felt needles in his foot. He moved his foot only to feel a light weight pounce on his shin and more needles in his toe. “Ouch.” Jerking his foot away didn’t help, pounce, scratch poke. He opened sleep crusted eyes only to see a back fur ball pounce on his other foot. Reaching down he managed to catch the young cat before she could strike again. Big blue eye looked at him, clearly calling him a kill-joy. Those claws were as sharp as his masters’ teeth, but Joseph didn’t bite his toes. He turned to set the cat on the floor and was met by another pair of big blue eye.

Jenny was looking at him. She was standing beside the bed bare foot and her hair all sleep tangled. She was holding a well loved brown teddy bear. And she was watching him. Shine had never been around small children, except when he was one himself. He didn’t know what to do; he reached over and shook Kat awake.

The same time Kat woke up, the kitten, still wanting to play jumped on the hem of the little girl’s nightgown. She let out a happy, and loud, shriek, picked the cat and ran back up the hallway, leaving Kat wondering what the fuck just happened?


It was nearly noon before the boys left for home because Kat had to work early the next day, and they still had a four to six hour drive home. Before they left Mrs. Evens packed them some turkey sandwiches and a big baggie of cookies to eat on the road.


The ride home was uneventful. The sun was setting by the time Shine dropped Kat off at his apartment. When he got home Joseph was surprised to see him. “I thought you were going to be gone two nights?”

“Kat has to work tomorrow morning.”

“Ah, did you have a good time?”

“Yes, it was nice. Thanks for letting me go.”

“No big.” Joseph dismissed any further thanks.

“I was invited back for Christmas.”

“Did you want to go?”

“I haven’t decided yet.”

“Let me know what you decide.” Joseph went to the wine rack in the living room. “Join me for some wine after you put your stuff away?”

As good as the holiday was, Shine thought, it was good to be home.