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07 February 2006 @ 09:43 pm
Fic: A Night of Surpriese Prompt #86 Choices  
Written for 100originalfics

Title: A night of surprises
’Verse: Servants Journals
Characters: Brock, Shawn, Ross
Prompt: 86 Choices
Word Count: 1277
Rating: gp
Notes: This one steps back a few years and has new characters. The school has been renamed from Green Creek to Scarlet River, and might get changed again. I’ll go back and change past references

# 86 Choices

A night of surprises

It was an early evening in June 1979. The day classes were over and the late classes with the masters didn’t start till after dinner. The students had a few free hours to relax or work on school work.

Shawn Black always thought that his last name was amusing, like all the students at the school, his hair was white as snow and his eyes light blue, though he was a bit taller than most. He was helping his roommate with algebra, when Mr. James Ross, the oldest human teacher in the school, and the headmaster’s administrative assistant, knocked on their half-open door. “Mr. Black, would you come with me please? Headmaster Brock would like to see you.”

As Shawn followed the teacher down the stares to the headmasters office, he wondered if he was about to find out who and where he was going to be sent to. He had finished his academic studies earlier that month and he was going to be eighteen in another. Though he had been expecting something like this for the last week, it didn’t mean he wasn’t nervous.

For the last hundred years Brock had been headmaster of the Scarlet River boarding School, known to the world to be an exclusive boarding school for selected boys and girls. From the inside it is the school where the vampires train their future servants.

Mathew Brock was a vampire over three hundred years old. Like all vampires he was uncommonly beautiful. It is beauty that attracts a vampire to a human, it is beauty that helps them hunt latter, and Brock was the epitome of the cliché, tall, dark, and handsome.

The students were leery of Master Brock. It was well known that he personally executed the troublemakers and runaways with his bare hands in front of the whole school, shunning the blood as unworthy to feed upon. While it had happened before Shawn had arrived at the school the lesson was passed down through the classes that it could happen again. Though they were leery of him he was easy to like, he laughed easily and would go out of his way to help them when he could. He was known to be fair when dealing out punishments, and was quick to offer praise when it was deserved. Shawn had enjoyed the history classed Master Brock taught. A history lecture from someone who was been there can be quite entertaining.

When Shawn and Mr. Ross entered the office Master Brock bid then to sit down in the chairs in front of his desk. Shawn sat nervously on the edge of the chair waiting to hear what the headmaster had to say.

“James tells me you’ve been assisting him with the first and second year classes.”

“Yes sir. It’s been fun working with the little kids.”

“He says you’re very good with them.”

“Thank you sir.” Shawn said to his teacher, Mr. Ross nodded acknowledgment.

“And I hear you’ve been helping some of you year mates with their studies?” Brock asked. The man’s brooding dark eyes watched him intensely; he was starting to feel a bit like a bug under a microscope.

“Yes sir.”

“You had very high SAT scours. Would you be interested in getting a teaching degree?”

Shawn’s mouth dropped. Whatever extra schooling his kind got was arranged after being given to a master, never before. There was something he wasn’t getting yet. Picking his jaw up off the floor, he said “I would like that very much. But…”

“But what’s the catch?” Brock finished the thought for him.


“The catch is that you would be teaching here after you get your credentials.”

He’d be a teacher here at the school… just like Mr. Ross. Shawn took another look at his teacher. The man was relaxed, sitting comfortably back in his chair looking amused. That was when Shawn really noticed how old the man was, to Shawn’s young eyes, the he looked positively ancient, he must be in his fifties at least. And Mr. Ross was Master Brock’s servant…. Shawn’s mouth dropped open again.

Ross laughed quietly. “I think he just figured it out Mathew”, and reached over and tapped Shawn’s chin to close his mouth. Brock smiled, stood up and stepped around the desk to casually lean back against it with his hands in his pockets.

“You can say no… this time.” Brock offered. “It’s your choice.”

Say no? Shawn thought if he said no, he’d go to the next vampire who asked for a servant, whoever or wherever they may be; he would not be offered a choice again. Though they might be called servants, it was just a nicer way of saying slaves. So if he was going to be a slave somewhere, it might as well be here, and he really did enjoy working with the younger kids, going to collage was an unexpected perk. It was a sweet offer and he knew it. It was an easy choice.

Shawn stood up and was surprised to find he stood eye to eye to Master Brock. “I’d be a fool to say no.” Shawn hesitated, “Master.”

“I don’t train fools in this school.” Brock said, pleased with the boys quick acceptance.

“Shall I make our paring official?” Brock waited for the boy’s final decision. Shawn he heard the door close as Mr. Ross left the room. Brock slowly moved forward until he was standing only a few inches away from him. Shawn had never been this close to the vampire before and he found he was holding his breath. When he understood what his new master had asked, he felt the color drain from his face.

Shawn looked down nervously and mumbled. “Yes sir.”

A cool hand lifted his chin up until he was looking at Brock’s face. There was sympathy mixed with amusement. Brock’s fangs were full exposed and getting closer to his neck by the second. Shawn tried to stay calm and concentrate on staying relaxed like he’d been taught, but he flinched and cried when Brock’s fangs pierced him for the first time.

When the blood stop flowing Brock made sure the wounds were closed and backed away. He was pleased to feel through the newly formed blood bond that Shawn was more embarrassed of having cried than any lingering fear of feeding him. Shawn wiped the few tears from his cheek, only the two small wounds on his neck was evidence of his master’s feeding.

Brock sat back down at his desk quite satisfied with the boy, “Now you officially belong to me.”

Except for the stinging on his neck Shawn didn’t feel any different physically, mentally he defiantly felt owned. “What shall I do now?”

“Now you can move into your own room in the staff section, James will show you where it is.” Cool, Shawn thought, he had never had a room to himself before. “Then you will enjoy the summer before you start the fall semester at the state collage. It’s too far to commute daily so you will stay in a dorm. Don’t get too excited, I’ll expect you back here on the weekends. And your full attention on you studies.”

“Yes sir.” He was excited; he couldn’t wipe the grin off his face.

“We are off to a very good start then Shawn. Do you have any questions?”

“Not that I can think of right now sir, but I’m sure I’ll think of lots latter.”

“Well then, go enjoy your dinner, move you stuff and make a list of your questions. You can come back and talk to me tomorrow.”

“Yes sir, thank you. Good night sir.”


Bonus short
(very short)

Ross, “You know the children call you Brock the Rock behind your back.”
Brock laughed, “What would they say if they knew one of my human decedents started a candy company?”