Nessa/Kelli (nessa5) wrote,

Fic: Blue Diamonds. Prompt 48 Diamonds

# 48 Diamonds

Written for 100originalfics

Title: Hearts, Moons Stars, Clovers, and New Blue Diamonds
’Verse: Servants Journals
Characters: Shine
Prompt: #48 Diamonds
Word Count: 296
Rating: G
Notes: The Blue Diamonds were introduced in 1975. But it’s my playground so in my playground the blue diamonds were introduced in 2000.

Hearts, Stars, Stars, Clovers, and New Blue Diamonds

Shine stared at the brightly colored box with the green leprechaun holding out a bowl of the brightly colored cereal, to get it or not to get it?

A miniature copy of himself, only much better dressed, materialized sitting on top of his head and whispered in his ear. ”That’s is a kid’s cereal, your not a kid anymore.”

True, but when he was a kid, sugary cereals a rear treat.

A tiny devil who also looked like him but all dressed in red shimmered into view on his shoulder whispered, “True, your not a kid anymore, you can have what ever cereal you want.”

Another figure appeared on the opposite shoulder, all dressed in white, “its all sugar, it’s bad for you.”

The devil had a rebuttal, “It’s fortified with vitamins and minerals.”

The angle, “It’s too expensive for a box of sugar.”

The devil, “You can afford it.”

Vanity sitting on his head pulled a clump of hair, “You’ll look stupid. What will the check out clerk think? The one with he nice ass, you want him to think you eat that stuff?”

The devil added wickedly “Maybe you can use it to get his attention, and his phone number.”

“You Already Have A Boyfriend.” The angel shouted.

That started a shouting match between all three of the figments of his imagination. A woman with two children in tow bumped his shoulder reaching past him to pick up a box of the cereal he’d been staring at, shaking him out of his daydream.

Shine laughed at himself, and picked up the box of Lucky Charms. As he put the box in his cart, he firmly told his alter egos, “I like it, I want it, and it has now it has ‘new blue diamonds.”

Tags: the blood servant's stories
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