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17 February 2006 @ 06:12 pm
Fic: The Smell of Death prompt 36 smell  
Written for 100originalfics

Title: The Smell of Death
’Verse: Servants Journals
Characters: Shine, Joseph
Prompt: #36 Smell
Word Count: 400
Rating: gp13
Notes: run on sentences anyone?
I don’t smoke, my dad does. I always have to change my clothes and wash my hair when I come back from visiting him. Comments anyone?

The uncommon smell (for this house anyway) of stale cigarette smoke and dried blood permeated the back porch when Shine walked out to do the laundry. The clothes Joseph had worn the night before were lay on top of the hamper by the washing machine. The crisp new blue jeans and white silk shirt reeked of smoke, and a large brown stain clearly marred the white of the shirt.

“Well,” Shine thought to him self as he tried to decide if the shirt was salvageable or not, “now I know what Joseph was doing last night.”

Joseph always had to be so careful not to leave any hint of suspicion or foul play when he made a kill that sometime the monster in him raged to be released, to loose control and dink his fill, to take joy in the fear of his victim and feel their useless struggle as he drained them dry, to hear their heart slow and finally stop.

It was an indulgence he couldn’t do often. If the wolf wanted to hide comfortable among the sheep he had to be discreet. Too many dead bodies would get the attention of the police. Or worse, they could draw unwelcome attention of the few remaining vampire hunters. Yes, there were still some vampire hunters out there, though not many theses days, mostly because the vampires had hunted and killed most of them.

Joseph normally hunted in the newest or trendiest dance clubs, seducing the girl (or boys) who didn’t have the good since to believe what their mother’s told them about mysterious handsome strangers. He’d court them, seduce them, and drink from them for months before they became sick enough that he killed them. Usually a car accident, or a drug overdose, something that didn’t come back to point to him, or any hint of the supernatural.

Joseph’s kills caused Shine only a little remorse. It wasn’t his place to pass judgment on his Master, and his very existence cut down the overall number of Joseph’s victims.

If there was smoke and blood on Joseph’s clothes then last night he’d been out looking for muggers. Go into a seeded bar, deliberately dressed to look out of place, flash some cash around. Maybe if he was feeling especially ornery he’d pick a fight, just for the fun of it. Then walk out and wait for someone to follow him…