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27 February 2006 @ 04:28 pm
Fic: Seek and ye shall find. prompt 20 colorless  
Written for 100originalfics

Title: Seek and Ye shall Find
’Verse: Servants Journals
Characters: Shine
Prompt: #20 Colorless
Word Count: 433
Rating: g
Notes: this comes after
#4 insides
Thanks you Heather Inness for proofreading it for me.

Joseph had told Shine the week before that he was going to claim Kat for a servant. Only Joseph hadn’t told Kat about it yet. Kat knew too much about them, and it would be safer for all of them if Kat was officially part of the vampire society.

Shine was to make get all the paraphernalia together and let Joseph know when he was ready. Joseph would call Kat and ask/tell him to come over.

He checked his list. He had the first aid stuff for before and after the actual ritual, gauze pads, tape, alcohol, and antiseptic gel. He’d stopped at the Red Cross and picked up a couple of pamphlets for taking care of your self after donating blood. There were already several suitable knifes about the house to choose from, Joseph had collected many over the years. He had a dark color linen napkin to wrap the knife in and line the silver tray he was assembling the items on.

All he was missing was a cup. This was supposed to be special; any old cup from the cupboard wouldn’t do. So Shine was out hunting for just the right cup. It couldn’t be too big or too small; it needed to hold about eight ounces. He’d been looking off and on for the last few days, hitting all the antique and thrift, stores in the neighborhood and still hadn’t found anything he liked.

He was about to give up. He’d just have to use a simple wine glass from the cupboard at home when he found it. The light shone on it! An arrow pointed to it! It was just right, symbolic even. All that was missing was the sound of angels singing.

After shaking his head in disbelief Shine took a second look at the perfect cup. It was sitting on a shelf full of assorted glass ware, and the owner had just turned on the lights, and the one he liked was directly under the light and also directly under an arrow of a sign that read “All glass and crystal 50% off this week.” That was when the store owner turned on the radio. A commercial for the Boot Barn was not a host of angels singing.

It was a crystal wine glass. The base and stem were green and gold and twisted up to hold the sparkly clear bowl of the glass. The pattern etched in the crystal represented a rose. While it was colorless now, the rose when red, would be very symbolic of the ritual it was going to be used for.