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21 March 2006 @ 03:13 pm
Fic: Tell the Future? prompt 35 sixth sense  
Written for 100originalfics

Title: Tell the Future?
’Verse: Servants Journals
Characters: Shine/Kat
Prompt: 35 sixth sense
Word Count: 1254
Rating: g
Notes: before ‘The truth be known.’ Very big thanks to Heather for proofreading for me.

Shine and Kat had been lovers for a few months. Kat had never been so taken with a lover before. Shine was easily the most exotic man Kat had ever met with white blond hair and blue eyes with oddly shaped pupils. Shine felt so ‘right’ to Kat that he had no intentions of ever letting him go. But Shine had secrets, lots of secrets, and Kat was determined to find out what they were.

It had been morning when Shine called Kat to ask if he had to go to work. Kat had the day off and had been about to call Shine to ask him the same thing. It had been Shine’s idea to go to the carnival and Kat had taken his motorcycle to pick Shine up from Joseph’s house. That was where Shine lived as a gofer and general assistant to the wealthy eccentric, business man.

They had ridden the Ferris-Wheel just so they could kiss at the top and nearly made themselves sick on the spin-out. They had ridden the bumper-cars and tossed dimes at the glass booth. They found out they both stunk at tossing dimes and neither of them won anything after spending over three dollars in dimes. They’d scandalized a couple of grumpy old ladies and grossed out their male companion just by holding hands. A couple of teenage girls giggled at the reaction of the old people and gave them a thumbs-up. They’d left the carnival to find lunch and had stopped in a local bar for a couple of beers. It had been a fun day.

They were walking back through the carnival to where Kat had parked his motorcycle. On the way they passed a group tents set up for the gypsy fortune tellers. It was a whim that made Kat decided to have their fortunes told. He took Shine’s hand without warning and pulled him into the nearest tent. The inside was draped in long colorful swags of silk from the top of the roof to the floor. A table in the middle of the room was covered in black velvet and it had three fancy wooden folding chairs around it. In the middle of the table was a lump of red silk, presumably it covered a crystal ball. Otherwise the tent was empty.

Shine had been caught by surprise. “What do you think your doing?” he said, “This is silly, we shouldn’t be here.” Something in Shine’s eyes that hinted that Shine was worried about something other than looking silly.

“Come on.” Kat said, “It’ll be fun.”

Before Shine could leave the tent the fortune teller entered. She had a long braid that hung down past the middle of her back. Though the hair was black as night, it did have a few glints of silver highlighting it. She was dressed in full gypsy costume, gold hoop earrings, more than one full skirt; a colorful shawl tied around her waist, and a tight bodice that showed off her bosom to best advantage. She went right into her act, giving them a low bow from the waist with accompanying flowery hand gestures. “Welcome good sirs. You have come to hear your future told?” When she stood up and got a good look at Shine she was clearly startled. The two of them locked eyes for a long moment. There was definitely some unspoken communication going on between them, but Kat was sure he didn’t know what it was.

He spoke up quickly trying to lessen the tension he suddenly felt coming from the two of them. “Yes, Madam Gypsy,” he said deciding to go along with her act, “I’d like to know if I will live happily ever after with my sweet lover here.” Kat didn’t think the surprise on the gypsy woman’s face was because he had put his arm around another man. She gave Shine a long measuring look. Kat could fell the heat rise in Shine’s cheeks as he blushed.

“Sit, good Sirs, and let Matillda look into the future for you.” She said indicating two chairs. After she had seated herself, she said, “The sprits may work for free good sir, but Matillda does not. That will be twenty in cash please.” Kat had handed the woman the money she made it disappeared down the front of her bodice.

The gypsy woman took a moment to find her center before she pulled the cloth off the ball in the center of the table. Kat had been expecting a clear glass ball, but what was revealed was a gleaming black ball of obsidian at least six inches in diameter.

The gypsy turned her attention to the stone. As her concentration deepened her breath came slower. After several minutes had gone by, Kat was beginning to wonder just what he’d gotten into. This didn’t feel much like an act any more. Slowly, the look of concentration on the woman’s face turned into a small smile. With a big sigh, she put the cover back over the obsidian ball. Then she looked at Shine, “You are a very lucky young man. You are well matched; the two of you work well together. Not all of your kind are so fortunate.”

“I am well aware of that and very grateful Madam.” Shine answered her calmly. Kat was mystified, had the feeling they were not referring to him.

Turning to Kat she said. “Your question was only half in jest. I do see the two of you growing old together. It is one of many possible futures, and it will mean great changes in your life. But I will warn you, if this is not a future that you truly desire then you must leave now before you have no choice.” She pointed at Shine. “He is bound by many secrets. One of those secrets is very possessive and will not give him up. If you do not leave him soon his secret will claim you as well. To let it do so is the only way you two can be together.”

Kat thought the performance was worth the twenty dollars he’d paid, even if what she’d said was nonsense. He was standing to leave when she added. “Think about what Matillda has said young man, and Follow your heart. It will lead you true.”

Before they left Shine surprised him by walking around the table and gently placing a kiss the woman’s cheek. “Thank you.” was all he said before he walked out of the tent.

They were walking to Kat’s motorcycle when Shine asked him, “Aren’t you going to say anything?”

“About what? It’s a lot of nonsense.”

“But what if she’s right? What if being with me changes your life. Would you want that?”

“I love you Shine. My mind was made up nearly as soon as I’d met you. That’s partly why I followed you that night.”

“I love you too, Kat. I’m glad you followed me that night. I just hope you never regret it.” Well that called for a kiss, okay, maybe even more than one. When they came up for air, Shine looked at the sun; it was close to the horizon. “Can you take me home now? I have to work soon.”

They were climbing on to the cycle when Kat said, “I work tomorrow during the day. Can I see you tomorrow night?”

“I’m counting on it.” Shine shouted in his ear as Kat gunned the motor and they sped off down the road.