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26 March 2006 @ 10:44 am
Fic: Happy Birthday prompt 94: independence  
Written for 100originalfics

Title: Happy Birthday
Death and New Beginnings
’Verse: Servants Journals
Characters: new, Amanda, Patty
Prompt: #94 Independence, or the lack of
Word Count: 1224
Rating: gp
Notes: This could also work for #1 beginnings, and #30 death, but I’ve already done those. It could be a writer’s choice, but I am saving those. This one is a world building story. I don’t have plans at this time to continue this plot, but we will see what bunny escapes from it. (Thanks Heather for proofreading for me.)

Amanda was as good a master to as Patty could have asked for. Patty had been serving Amanda for twelve years. The two of them got along more like roommates than a master and slave. It wasn’t like the 1800’s when it took two people all day just to clean the clothes or clean the house. And when Patty started looking older than Amanda, being roommates made a very believable tale to tell anyone who asked.
Amanda was not as rich as some of the older vampires. Having been turned in 1981 at the age of twenty-five, she was only fifty years old. She had wanted a servant to feed from and to do the things for her that could only be done during the day. Having a servant was a mark of success amongst the vampires and she had used most of her money to make the gift to the school to get one.

Though Amanda had a nice home, and was able to provide basic food and clothing and a utility car for her servant, if Patty wanted something special or fancy she had to get it herself. That was why, with Amanda’s approval, Patty had a full time job at a used book store.

Amanda’s greatest pleasure was her bright red 1982 Corvette. It had been a gift from her sire and she pampered the car more than she did Patty. Patty privately thought Amanda still had a lot of growing up to do. She was very much a child of the decade she grew up in. She ignored the seat belt law and thought speed limits were just a suggestion. If that were not bad enough, Amanda loved to feed off of junkies and craved the high she got from them. Amanda could not or would not believe that even if she was immortal, having her head smash into a windshield and having and breading her neck would be as true a death for her as it would be for anyone else.


For Patty’s thirtieth birthday Amanda had given her a certificate for dinner and a movie.
Not having a current boyfriend, Patty invited her coworker Cindy to go with her. They had left the restaurant and were walking the few blocks to the theater when Patty was stuck with a sudden blinding pain in her head. She had only a glimpse of Cindy’s startled face before she passed out in her friend’s arms.

When she woke up they were sitting on the sidewalk. Cindy was nearly in a panic and was about to call 911. Somehow Patty convinced Cindy she was okay and just needed to go home. At the same time she was holding off panic, her connection with Amanda was gone. The little part of her mind that was Amanda’s to command was completely gone. In its place was a burning emptiness that left Patty feeling afraid and abandoned. There was only one thing that could have happened.

When she got home, Amanda’s red corvette was not there.

The phone was ringing before she got in the house and she had to run to catch it. It was Amanda’s sire, Bernard.

“What happened?” he demanded. Of course he would have felt it too.

“I don’t know yet. I just got home. Her car is gone.” Her voice was tight as she fought back tears. “Now is not the time to fall apart.” She told herself.

There was a long pause on the other end of the line. “All right, don’t do anything. Wait for the police to call you. I’ll be there tomorrow.”

“Yes sir. Thank you.” Patty hung up the phone. She stood for a long while beside it waiting for it to ring again. She didn’t notice the tears rolling down her cheeks.


She got the call from the police around noon the next day. There had been an accident… There was nothing for her to identify because of the fire…


Bernard and his servant arrived that night.


It was a week before everything was done. What was left of Amanda’s body had been buried, and her property dealt with.

Part of that property was Patty…


She knew she would not be allowed her freedom. Freedom wasn’t something she’d really thought about. When her kind got to old for the vampire’s to drink from they might be given their freedom, or not, it all depended on the circumstances at the time.

While Patty’s situation was rare, it was known to happen from time to time. Bernard told her what her options were.

She could start over with another master.

Patty felt too old to start over learning the ways and habits of a new master.

Two: She could be a floater: A temporary servant to fill in when a vampire’s regular servant was unavailable because of maternity, injury, or sickness.

If she didn’t want to start over once, she certainly didn’t want to keep starting over and over again.

Three: She could work at one of the crèches. The crèches were where the female servants went to have theirs babies. They stayed until the child was two years old before they had to return to their masters. The children stayed in the crèche until they were six years old being cared for by the other women at the school when they were sent to one of the few ‘schools’ the masters ran to train their servants. The crèche would have one vampire master overseeing it, one who liked or at least didn’t mind babies and small children.

While she very much loved her child, and talked with him on the phone and visited him when she could, she had been glad when it had been time for her to go home. It was the old adage: Your baby is the best in the world, everyone else’s are smelly little grubs. Patty didn’t want to go to a crèche. And that led to choice number four.

Four: She could work at the Red Creek School. After a short phone call Bernard told her they could use a new cook.

Patty liked the idea. She had for always thought of the school as her home. It was where there were other people like herself. She could remember when she was there envying the camaraderie she saw amongst the adults servants, knowing that she would be practically isolated from her own kind when she left.

She didn’t know much about cooking, but she could learn. The current cook would still be there for a few years to teach her.

One thing would not change; her blood was valuable and would not go untapped. She would be the servant for one of one of the four or five vampires who lived and taught at the school. One of the perks for the vampires’ teaching at the school was to have more than one servant since their hunting time was limited. She could live with that.

Bernard was going to let her think about it for a few days, but Patty told him it wouldn’t be necessary. She had already made up her mind. She’d like to go to the school.


A week latter, with all her worldly possessions stuffed into her car she pulled into the parking lot of her new home.