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21 June 2006 @ 07:59 pm
Fic: Buried Treasure  
Title: Buried Treasure
’Verse: Servants Journals
Characters: Shine
Prompt: 59 food
Word Count: 628
Rating: g
Notes: What do you find when you clean out a closet?

Shine had been Joseph’s servant for close to a year when Joseph had asked him to clean out ‘The Black Hole”. He hadn’t put a time limit on the job and he’d also told Shine he could have anything he found interesting he might find in it.

It had taken Shine a week to work up the nerve to open the closet door. Nothing fell on his head when he opened it, though there had been a near miss when a bag of old shoes fell off the top of the pile of boxes. Shine rolled up his shirt sleeves, tied a bandana around his mouth and nose to filter the dust, and started lifting out the crumbing cardboard boxes.

Most of what he found was useless junk. Old shoes, old Harlequin paperback books, a sack of brown paper sacks and so on. There where three boxes of dishes that hadn’t been unpacked from a move before Joseph and Robert, Joseph’s previous servant had moved into this house.

The light bulb over the head moment for Shine was when he came across a big box of records, the old big ones made on vinyl. He knew that there were people that collected these things. E-bay immediately came to his mind. After that discovery he unpacked the boxes more carefully.

It took him two days to go through all the boxes. He had a humongous pile of boxes on the curb for the trash pick-up. He had a medium stack of boxes going directly to the Goodwill collection bin. The smallest pile was the goodies to list on E-bay. Part of the loot included a collection of Playboy magazines and some first edition books with the author’s signatures in them. He found a very well crafted slide rule and he’d had to ask Joseph what it was, a box of hand tied fishing flies, and a straight razor with an ivory handle. There was also some vintage clothing he thought might interest someone. If not he could always take them to the Goodwill. He decided to keep the brown leather bomber jacket with a real fur collar.

The thing Shine found that he came to treasure the most was in a box full of old notebooks and ledges. He had decided to salvage the notebooks since they were leather and still in good condition, but he didn’t need the papers inside them. He was merrily tossing out old household accounts and inventory lists and business papers for long closed companies when one notebook caught his attention. It was a collection of handwritten and photocopied recipes with notes all over them. He read a few of the notations and found that they were changes for how to reduce the recipes to one serving or that margarine could be used instead of butter and so on throughout the book.

For a nineteen-year-old who had been living on sandwiches, scrambled eggs, and TV-dinners for the last year, this book was a live-saver. He read some more and gave himself a ‘douh’ head thump when he found information on how to freeze a recipe into individual portions. Why hadn’t he thought of that? One time he had made a pot of soup from a recipe. It had been great the first night, fine the second, but by the fifth night he had been quite tired of it.

Cooking for Shine was never the same. He found out he quite enjoyed it once he got pointed in the right direction for his situation. He kept and updated the notebook for the many years until he could cook without it. When it was his time to retire from Joseph’s service he made sure that the notebook was where his successor would be sure to find it.
cindytsuki_no_bara on June 22nd, 2006 04:45 am (UTC)
oh, that's really sweet. and handy! i love the list of things shine finds, too, all the stuff.