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03 July 2006 @ 07:32 pm
Fic: the Hippy Professor, promt 40 Sight  
Title: The Hippy Professor
’Verse: Servants Journals
Characters: Shine, Joseph
Prompt: 40 Sight
Word Count: 503
Rating: GP
Notes: None of us like having to acknowledge that we are getting older.

Shine grumbled and held the last letter from today’s mail closer to his face moving it back and forth a few time until it finally became clear. Grumbling under his breath about people who used tiny type fonts and how a good secretary should know better he made a note on his calendar and put the letter with the rest of them in the ‘to be filed’ pile.

“Enough work for one night,” he thought. “I’ve got a good book and bottle of wine waiting for me and I think I’m going to enjoy them.” He turned of the light and shut the door of the home office he shared with Joseph. He changed into a pair of old sweat paints and a t-shirt and settled himself with his book and a goblet of wine in an easy chair in the living room to enjoy his book.

An hour later he had a headache. He was rubbing his eyes when Joseph came home. “Head hurt again?” he asked.

“Yes. This is the third time this week too.” Shine answered, trying not to sound like he was whining.

“Want an ice pack?” Joseph offered.

“No, I think I’ll take some aspirin and go to bed,” Shine said. He put his book aside and gathered up the wine goblet to take to the kitchen before looking at his master. “That is if you didn’t need me for anything?”

“No. Good day then.” Joseph watched Shine leave the room, thoughtfully taking note of the changes the last ten years had made in his servant.


The next evening Shine was sorting papers. The ‘to be filed’ pile had climbed too high to be ignored any longer. Joseph walked in to the office and handed him a small piece of paper. Shine took it automatically and read it. It was an appointment slip for 2:00 pm the next day with an optometrist. He looked at Joseph, perplexed. “I suspect you might need reading glasses.” Joseph said.

“Glasses? Glasses are for old people.” Shine said in an insulted tone.

Joseph crossed his arm, his face got hard. “I didn’t say you were old. But, my Servant, you are not a child anymore. Glasses are for anyone who needs them. At least your old enough no one is going to call you ‘four eyes’.” Shine pouted, unable to argue after Joseph had made a point of reminding him of his place. “Go pout for Kat, it doesn’t work on me. You can take him with you; have him help you pick out a pair. After all he’ll be seeing them on you more than you will.” With that Joseph left the room and didn’t speak to him the rest of the night.


A month later Shine graciously admitted that Joseph was right. His headaches had gone away. Kat said that with his longish white hair and the new reading glasses he looked like some kind of hippy college professor and it gave him all kinds of kinky ideas.