Nessa/Kelli (nessa5) wrote,

Fic. the Cook Up prompt 58, Dinner

Title: The Cook Up
’Verse: Servants Journals
Characters: Shine, Joseph
Prompt: 58 Dinner
Word Count: 424
Rating: g
Notes: In which we get a slice of life and some propaganda for freezer cooking, and the care and feeding of cast iron pans…

It was shortly after sunset when Joseph emerged from his room. The first thing he noticed was the smell of hamburger and onions cooking. Not unusual since Shine had recently taken an interest in developing some cooking skills. He followed his nose to the kitchen. What he saw there puzzled him. Shine had two big cast iron frying pans both full of ground beef, one had chopped onions in it the other was plain. Both were browning at the same time. “What ever are you going to do with all that?” he asked

Shine looked up from stirring the pans. With the wooden paddle he was using to stir the ground beef he pointed to a long line of small plastic freezer containers all set out in rows. “This all goes into the tubs and then in the freezer. If I have it already browned, there are hundreds of recipes that I can make a real quick and easy meal from.”

“Hu.” Joseph grunted. “Good idea, I suppose. Do you have enough room in the freezer for all that? And aren’t you going to get awfully tired of hamburger?”

“Well, this batch will just fit. I still have some chicken breasts from last week, and next week the store will have a sale on pork chops,” Shine paused before continuing, “and, well, I was planning to go get a deep freezer this weekend.”

“Sounds like you know what you are doing. I’ll leave you to it then.” Joseph said, dismissing it as not his problem. But one more thing caught his attention. “Where did you get those pans? They look like they could be the ones my mother used, and that was a long time ago.” The pans were black and heavy and looked like they could easily have been in use for over a hundred years and could last another hundred years with a little TLC.

Shine smiled at him, “Hazel gave them to me. She’s the old lady from across the street that brought the cookies over at Christmas. She said her daughters didn’t’ want them, and she didn’t need them any more. When I told her what I was doing she offered them to me along with some really tasty recipes.”

“Hu.” Joseph grunted again. He remembered the kind little busy-body and how easily she had tied the bow tie that he had been struggling with before she knocked on the door. “Well, I guess it’s good I didn’t eat her then.” He heard Shine laughing as he left the room.

Tags: the blood servant's stories
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