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12 August 2006 @ 01:52 pm
Fic the Truning Part 2 prompt 29 birth  
Title: The Turning :part 2
’Verse: Servants Journals
Characters: Joseph/ Maggie
Prompt: #29 Birth
Word Count: 4134
Rating: R
Notes: Picks up directly after The Turning, part one, Prompt 65, Passing.
More purple prose, melodrama, and blood shed…

After Joseph had fallen asleep, Maggie eased out of the bed. She wrapped a silk dressing gown around herself and slipped out of the room. The house was dark and quiet. She had sent her live-in human servants away for the week. The old couple had no idea what she was, and they really didn’t care if she kept odd hours.

She found Sara, her personal servant and maid, sitting near the hearth in the kitchen of the big colonial house. A small fire burned in the fireplace, keeping the room warm. A pot of tea seeped on a small table beside Sara as she worked on some embroidery. The small fire danced, giving the room a cozy feel. When Sara saw her mistress she laughed softly, “You look just like a cat with bird feathers in her whiskers.”

Maggie laughed too and stretched sensually before covering up a yawn. “That describes how I feel,” She said. Sara knew that her mistress didn’t need it, but she offered her a cup of tea anyway. Sometimes Maggie enjoyed something other than the usual. She poured her some tea in china cup. Maggie sat in a chair opposite Sara’s holding the warm cup and enjoying the aroma.

“So it’s done then?” Sara asked.

“Yes. He’s sleeping now. The drugs in the wine will get him over the worst of it. He will be unconscious for all of tomorrow. I want you to sit with him. He might be unconscious but he will still feel the pain. If he has seizures, force a rolled cloth into his mouth so he doesn’t bite his tongue.”

“Sounds awful. How long will he be like that?”

“Just tomorrow. By Tomorrow night he will appear as if dead and I’ll move him to the underground room. “

“Yes Ma’am. If you don’t need me then I think I’ll go on to bed.”

“Is Manheim set for the night?”

“He was happily munching oats when I left him.”

“Good night then, sleep well.”

Sara left to seek her bed, taking the back stairs to a small room off the master bedroom reserved for personal servants. There she would be close enough to hear when Joseph needed her.

Maggie was left by herself in the big house with several lonely hours until dawn.


The next evening after sundown, Maggie quietly entered the room where Joseph slept. Sara was sitting beside him with a bowl of cool water and was bathing sweet off of his brow. “How is he?” she asked.

“He had a hard day Ma’am. He started shaking about noon and was curling into a ball clutching his middle. I’m afraid he also fouled himself.” Sara sniffed and made a face, “I cleaned him up and changed the sheets. I burned the soiled ones.”

Maggie winced, “Sorry, I should have warned you about that. I prepared the underground room last night. I’ll move him when the fever breaks. Then I’ll need to go back to town for a few days.”

Sara only nodded. She knew perfectly well what Maggie had to go back to town for, but she didn’t have to like it.

An hour later Joseph took a long shuddering breath, Sara and Maggie held theirs, waiting to see if there would be another. There was not. Officially Joseph Masterson just died. Together the women bathed his body and loosely wrapped it in a sheet. Maggie carried it down to the prepared underground room.

Behind a hidden door in the kitchen cellar were two small rooms. One was a furnished bedroom, with painted walls, a rug covering the floor and a bed full with pillows and a blanket. Beside the bed was a small table holding a candle and matches, a hair brush and a small mirror. A wooden closet holding extra clothing stood on the wall opposite the bed. The most important feature of the room was the sturdy bar that locked the door from the inside.

The other room was bare except for a cot with a pillow and a manacle on the end of a chain firmly connected to the wall. Maggie laid Joseph’s body on the cot, carefully arranging the sheet over him. Before she left the room, she kissed his forehead. “Soon, my love you will have forever.” She closed the door and locked it from the outside.

Back upstairs Sara helped Maggie prepare to leave. “I’m taking the wagon and Manheim. Are you going to be all right here by yourself?” She asked.

“I’ll be fine ma’am. There’s another house not that far away if I need anything. And the farmer’s daughter comes by regular when we are here to sell fresh milk and eggs.”

“Then I won’t worry about you.” Maggie smiled; her servant really was well able to take care of herself and her mistress too. “There’s one more thing I should do before I leave. I probably shouldn’t ask this of you so soon, but I don’t know for sure what the next few nights will bring.”

”It’s alright ma’am. I’ll have enough days to recover.” Sara said as she calmly unbuttoned the top buttons of her blouse and pulled the collar open. Her pale blond hair was already in a braid out of the way. Maggie rested her hands on Sara’s shoulders and leaned into the girl’s neck. Sara was unafraid of Maggie’s fangs and only clinched her teeth when they sank into her neck. It was soon for Maggie to be feeding from her again since she had fed from her the night before as well, but she trusted her mistress and knew that Maggie wouldn’t take more than she had too. She would have several days to recover before Maggie should need to feed from her again.

Minutes later Sara re-buttoned her blouse and Maggie picked up her cloak. “I’ll feel it when he starts to wake. I’ll be back before then. It will be no less than two nights.” And with that she was gone, her attention already on what needed to be done in the night to come. She didn’t hear Sara wish her ‘god speed’ before she left.


It was the middle of the night when Maggie reached the town. She drove the wagon and Manheim to the stable where both were boarded. But it was not too late to get to work. Blending with the shadows as only a one thousand year old vampire could do, she made her way to a less desirable part of town to look for a particular shop.

A lamp burned in the window of the small shop that had been her goal. Maggie knocked on the solid wood door and after a few minutes it was opened a crack. The lined face of an old woman stared out. She held up a candle and grunted when she saw who was at her door. She opened the door and bid her visitor inside, firmly closing the door behind her. She led Maggie to the back room. Using the candle, she lit the lamp then sat down in one of two chairs. In the middle of the table a crystal ball rested on a wood pedestal. Maggie and the old woman both ignored it.

“Were you able to get it?” Maggie asked.

“You didn’t give me much information, but yes, I was able to find what you were looking for.” The old woman said, producing a folded piece of parchment and held it out to Maggie. When Maggie reached for it Madam Quinn drew it back. “First my payment.”

“Very well old woman, but if this information is incorrect I will be back.” Maggie said ominously.

“You hurt me,” The old woman said mockingly. “Would I deal false with the likes of your kind?”

“Bring your cup Madam and we shall be quite of each other.” Maggie sighed resignedly eager to leave the stuffy little room.

Madam Quinn retrieved a silver cup and a small silver knife. The cup she set on the table and the knife she handed to Maggie.

The old woman really did have the gift of ‘seeing’. Between her sight and her extensive network of contacts, both respectable and not, there wasn’t a secret that she couldn’t find out and there were several powerful men who were regular customers.

Maggie had contacted the witch the week before. Her own powers, other than those she had over her victims after she bit them, were more along the line of good intuition and reading souls. Very rarely was she wrong about a person. But that wasn’t going to help her find who she wanted in the time she had available, especially since she’d had scant information to start from.

The old woman had recognized her for what she was as soon as she saw her, but she had opened the door and invited her in anyway. She had agreed to get Maggie the information she wanted, but she would not take her money. She had wanted something more valuable. To a witch, the blood of a vampire was a powerful and rare commodity and it had been the only coin the old woman would accept. Maggie was willing to pay it.

Maggie pulled up the sleeve of her dress and taking the knife casually made a small nick on her wrist. The thick red blood flowed sluggishly and dripped into the cup. When it was full, she licked the wound closed and watched it heal. As soon as the wound was gone she picked up the parchment and took her leave, not looking back.


“What a nuisance”, Maggie thought as she laced her corset the next night. She was able to do it by her self, but not without with a lot of squirming and pulling and some choice swear words. When she got the undergarment laced to her satisfaction, she sat down at her vanity to arrange her hair. The mirror reflected how badly she needed to feed. A pale face might be the fashion these days, but not as pale as she was now. She had given Joseph more blood than she had taken from him and Sara both, and after paying the witch woman she was quite hungry.

With a practiced hand she dusted colored powder to her face and décolletage. Some more color went on her cheeks and lips and gave her a more natural appearance. She inspected her reflection in the full length rose wood mirror she had brought with her from England. The yellow muslin gown and her own red hair gave her skin a warm glow. Wrapping her cloak around her shoulders she was ready to go hunting.

Madam Quinn had not only given her the name of the man she wanted, but had made a note of where he could be found. Maggie had laughed out loud when she read it. She didn’t know if it was irony or destiny but the name on the parchment turned out to be a man Maggie had already marked as a future victim.

William Billings was a womanizer and gambler, her favorite type of prey. She had already met him a few weeks ago and had been letting him think he was slowly seducing her. Tonight his efforts would be rewarded but not in the way he thought.

She found him playing cards at The Rusty Nail. She caught his eye then looked away. Maggie had centuries of practice at flirting, and it didn’t take her long to have him following her outside.

She waited for him in the darkness under the trees behind the tavern and wasted no time with coy flirting when he came and took her in his arms. She let him kiss her, his tongue pushing into her mouth and his hands wandering over her breasts. She could feel his heart beat and smell his blood, hot and tempting just under the surface of his skin. She trailed kisses from his lips to his ear and then to his neck. He was purring with pleasure just before her fangs stabbed him.

His scream was stopped before it started when Maggie clamped her hand over his mouth. She exerted her newly gained control over him to hold him immobile. She easily scanned his memory while she drank. What she saw confirmed that he was indeed the man she had been looking for and in her opinion he was getting exactly what he deserved.

Maggie leisurely drank her fill of William’s blood, not doing anything to lessen his fear or pain. The hot elixir spread throughout her body and replenished her faded energy. She took more from him than she would ever take from Sara, but it was not enough to kill him. It would take several nights of such feedings to kill a man. When she wanted a victim dead she arranged an ‘accident’ to cover any sign of foul play.

He sand to the ground when she let him go, casually licking the last traces of blood from her lips. She crouched in front of him so that she could look him in the eyes and took control of his mind. “Relax William,” She said and his body obeyed her. “You will not remember what just happened. You will remember that we kissed and parted and that I have agreed to meet you in secret tomorrow and take you to my bower. Meet me here tomorrow at moonrise, and keep it a secret.”

Maggie faded into the darkness and watched William get up and dust himself off and with a cocky grin walk back into the pub. Maggie walked home, well satisfied with her nights work.


The next night went just as planned. Maggie retrieved Manheim and had the stable hand hitch up her small wagon and help her load a few boxes of supplies for the estate. William was waiting for her alone where she had told him to meet her. When he eagerly climbed aboard, she reminded him that it was supposed to be a secret and if he wanted to sleep with her tonight he should hide under the blanket in the back of the wagon. She used enough of her power over his mind to make him think that was a grand idea, and he cooperated with her as though he’d thought of it himself. There were still a few people out on the streets when she drove the wagon through town on her way home, clearly alone. She had been careful with her courting of William Billings; no one ever connected her to his disappearance.


William slowly woke up. He was lying on something cold and hard, his head hurt as if he was hung over and there was a sore spot on his neck. He started to rub at the sore spot and felt something cold and hard hit his nose. What the hell? There was a metal ring locked around his wrist. Confused he looked around to see where he was. The room was small with a dirt floor and bare brick walls. There was dim light coming from a single oil lamp hanging high on the wall near the door. The chain around his wrist was short and connected to the wall. And he wasn’t alone.

There was someone sleeping on a cot beside him covered from the neck down by a sheet. The sleeping man’s face looked vaguely familiar. He leaned as close as the chain would allow him to get a better look at his room mate and saw that the man wasn’t breathing. “Great.” He thought moving quickly back to the other side of the small room, he was sharing his cell with a dead man. A naked dead man from the way the sheet draped over the motionless body. He checked to make sure he was still clothed, amused that he hadn’t thought of it earlier. He was wearing his shirt and britches, but his coat and the small pistol he kept in the pocket were gone. He wondered what the hell he had gotten into and more importantly, how he was going to get out.

The last thing he remembered clearly was climbing on to the wagon with the pretty red head he had convinced to lay with him. He could remember hiding under a blanket in the back of her wagon. Somehow she must have drugged him. But why?

He shouted for someone to rescue him or at least tell him where he was, but no one came. He gave up when his throat began to hurt. He sat down and made himself as comfortable as he could and waited for something to happen. He must have drifted into a light sleep because he remembered where he had seen the man before. His sleeping mind replayed the scene. .. It had taken him weeks to seduce the young wife of the merchant, but he had succeeded, and was enjoying his reward with her while the man was away on business. Regrettably her husband had returned home early and caught them. William had grabbed his clothes and jumped out of the window without looking back. He hadn’t learned until days later that the man had strangled the woman for being unfaithful.

He woke with a start. He must have been asleep for a few hours from the level of oil in the lamp. A heavy air of anticipation and menace hung around him and he gradually became aware of the sound of breathing.


Joseph first became aware that he was hungry. Only it wasn’t his stomach that was telling him this it was his whole body. He felt like he didn’t’ have enough energy to move so much as a finger. He remembered falling asleep with Maggie’s head resting on his shoulder and the taste of her blood still in his mouth. The memory of that taste sent another wave of hunger through his body.

He then became aware of the sound of a heart beating fast. It was loud to his ears and he could smell sweat and fear and blood.

Fresh hunger washed through him as the smell of the blood caused a sudden pain in his mouth. The part of him that could still think clearly recognized that his new fangs had broken through the roof of his mouth for the first time. His tongue traced the new teeth and noted how sharp they were.

He wanted to use them and he knew what he needed. The hunger was driving him as the smell of blood flooded his senses and he sat up to find it. A man was sitting on the floor trying to crawl through the wall to get away from him. His wrist was bloody where he was trying to pull his hand from a metal cuff and not succeeding. Without thinking Joseph reached for the man on the floor. He barely felt the man’s struggling. Joseph had no thoughts other than to soothe the hunger burning through his body as he yanked the man up and used his new fangs for the first time.

Hot blood burst faster than he could swallow from the gaping wound he had made. Uncaring he clamped his mouth to the wound and drank. The first taste of the red stuff instantly soothed the pain in his body. He ignored he man’s scream and continued drinking, savoring the new experience.

Eventually the blood cleared his mind and he became aware the man had stopped struggling. Slowly he became aware that he was seeing what was in the man’s mind. It didn’t keep him from his feeding, for the man’s pain and terror was of little consequence to him. What he found fascinating was the dream the man had had just before Joseph had woken up. He recognized who the girl had been and himself. What angered him was that the man had been smug and had considered what he’d done an accomplishment. That sent Joseph into a rage worse than when he’d first came upon this man with his wife. With a snarl that matched any wild beast Joseph ripped his fangs through the man’s neck.


Upstairs, Sara cringed when she heard the screaming start. Her mistress’s stony face never changed as the sounds coming up from the cellar faded to an eerie silence.

It was some time later before they heard Joseph’s voice calmly calling for Maggie to come let him out. Maggie sighed, relieved that the first ordeal was over and she gathered the key to the door, the pitcher, the towels, and the clothes she had waiting on the kitchen table.


Maggie helped Joseph wash the blood off his body. He kissed her as if for the first time. He was relieved to know that a certain part of his anatomy was still very interested in the beautiful woman in his arms. He remembered that she’d told him it would be okay, but there’s nothing like knowing for himself, “Not here,” She laughed and helped him into the clothes she’d brought down. “We have some work to do first.”

They had both ignored the slumped body in the corner, but now he had to face what he had done. There was blood on the floor and some on the wall. Maggie took the sheet that had been over him and started mopping. He helped using the towels. “How and why did you find him?” Joseph asked.

“How is complicated’ She said, “Why, is as a gift to you, to finish something unfinished before starting your new life.”

“I should be appalled at what I did, but it was most satisfying.” He looked at Maggie with worried eyes. “Does this make me a monster?”

“Yes, you’re a monster now. And so am I. I believed you would have no particular regrets in making this man your fist meal.”

“I would have killed him sooner if I had found him.” Joseph admitted.

“You will have to kill again, my love. And your victims won’t always be guilty of any crime except being human. They are inferior to you now. You have been raised above them and made immortal and they are now your food.”

He felt the truth of her chilling little speech seep into the core of his being. He took her hand and pulled her close to him. “And I have no regrets. I won’t look back. I have you to guide and teach me.”

They got most of the blood wiped up before they wrapped the body in the blood soiled sheet. “We can leave it here until we have a grave dug,” Maggie told him.

“Lesson one:” he quipped, “how to get rid of a body.”

She laughed at him, “Lesson two is how not to leave a body, but that will be for another night.”

Maggie locked the cellar door behind them and led him up the stairs to the kitchen. Sara waited for them nervously in the kitchen. She quickly stood up and bobbed a quick curtsy to her mistress and Joseph.

Joseph nodded. “Good evening Sara. I understand a lot more now, but I still don’t understand you.” Sara blushed and looked at her mistress, who took pity and answered for her.

“It’s okay Sara, I’ll explain to him about our servants while he and I go dig a deep hole in the ground.” There were a couple of shovels leaning by the kitchen door. She tossed one to Joseph and he caught it with one hand. “Come my love, we still have some work to do tonight.” She looked back at Sara. “You don’t need to wait for us.” Sara bobbed again, and with a quick “thank you ma’am” she fled the room. Maggie picked up the other shovel and headed out into the night.


There had been lots of things to learn, those fist few years. They were full of love and blood, mistakes and triumphs. But eventually the growing pains of the colonies forced them back to England. The middle of a war, Maggie informed him, was not a safe place for a vampire.

Another reason for them to go to England was to get him his own servant. There were only a few vampires in the New Word at the time, and even fewer had servants. England had a large farm house that housed and trained several dozen of the valuable humans immune to the vampire’s bite.

From England they moved to Italy and then to Spain. All together he spent over fifty wonderful years with Maggie before they decided to part and he returned to America. He would see her again, she had promised and he believed her. After all they had eternity.

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