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10 September 2006 @ 09:23 am
Fic and then what happened? Pt 2 of Unexpected Visitors prompt 83 And  
Written for 100originalfics
Title: And then what happened? Pt 2 of Unexpected Visitors
’Verse: Servants Journals
Characters: Joseph, Shine, Maggie, etc...
Prompt: 83 And
Word Count: 1258
Rating: gp
Notes: It’s prompt #83 because #31 Sunrise has already been done.
(I would love it if you let me know if you looked at it.)


Joseph held the door to his bedroom open for Maggie and Jacob. It made sense if there was only one secure place available to sleep away from the sun to share it, be it with friend or mealy an acquaintance.

Most of the other vampires that Joseph knew were close to his own age, usually within a hundred years older or younger than himself. Maggie was the oldest vampire he knew personally and she was over a thousand. Joseph was the youngest of her fledglings. The vibes he got from Jacob were of someone nearly as old as his maker and it made him feel like an awkward fledgling. That Jacob was Maggie’s lover was obviously. He knew she had many lovers: most of whom still were her lovers. Intellectually he knew that; emotionally he had sternly squelched his jealousy.

In deference to the warmth of the night Maggie wore a cotton dress that had a flirty skirt and stringy shoulder straps. She didn’t remove the dress, instead she kicked off her sandals and stretched out in the middle of the bed before the two men had gotten their shoes off. Joseph hesitated to remove his shirt until Jacob took off the truly hideous Hawaiian print shirt he’d been wearing and toss it on a chair. By unspoken agreement they both kept their paints on when they laid down on top of the covers with Maggie in the middle to wait for the sun to put them to sleep. In the last minute of awareness Maggie curled around Joseph and rested her head on his shoulder. He smiled and reached for her hand, he didn’t see Jacob curl around her back.


At 9:00am, Shine and Kat were standing at the front door. Kat was dressed in his jeans and work shirt, a black polo shirt with the store’s logo on it. Shine asked “Your shift is 10 to 6 today?”


“I know you weren’t planning to come here tonight, but I think you should.”


“I just have a feeling that it would be better if you were here when they wake up.” Shine nodded his head towards Joseph’s bedroom. “Joseph knows you and I know that Maggie trusts his judgment but I don’t know anything about Jacob. He might be leery of you if you aren’t here. I don’t want to give either of them any reason to doubt you.”

“I’ll be here then. Sunset is not until after 8 tonight right? I’ll stop at him to pick up my mail and some clean clothes after work. I might be staying her a few days.”

Shine smiled, “So when are you going to move in here for good? You spend most of your time here anyway.” He was mostly teasing.

“I’ve been thinking about it. What to come and have lunch with me? Can we talk about it then?”

“I’d love to, but I’ll probably have Abby and Richard with me. Richard has some errands to run and I’ve got to meat the repairman for the Adperson Apartment building. I’ll call you at noon, maybe we can all go.”

“Sound’s good. I’ll be waiting.” Shine made sure the good buy kiss would keep Kat thinking about him for the rest of the day kissed. After Kat sped away on his motorcycle Shine closed the door and went to the kitchen to start breakfast.

An hour later Abby came wondering into the kitchen, drawn by the smell of the coffee, light shorts and a tank top were her dress of choice since it was already starting to get hot. Shine poured her a cup and handed her the cream to go in it. It was only after she’d savored her fist sip that Shine remembered about caffeine, “Should you be drinking that? I can make you some decaf tea.”

Abby glared at him threateningly, “Try taking this from me now and you loose a limb.” She growled and went back to her coffee. Shine put up both hands and backed away.

She’d finished half the cup before she looked up and said a cherry ‘good morning’, as though five minutes earlier she hadn’t been threatening his limbs. “To answer your question, probably not. I’ve giving up a lot of things for this little boy, but caffeine isn’t one of them.”

“So you know it’s a boy? When are you due?” Shine said, choosing a safe subject.

“Ultra sound defiantly showed a boy; and he had his hand wrapped around it already.” Abby said, amused.

“Wow, he’s starting early.” Shine laughed, “So who’s the father?”

“A guy I dated for a few months. He turned out to be a jerk and I dumped him. Then I found out I was pregnant.”

“And you don’t have to tell him about the baby. Convenient.”

“Yah, it turned out the jerk was good for something. Maybe I’ll look him up when I’m ready for the next one. This little boy,” she said patting her extended tummy “is due in about three months. He’s one of the reasons we’ve been on a road trip for the last few weeks. The next stop from here is to drop me off at the Crèche. Maggie shifting identities, and is planning to take a few years to travel first. Can you believe she and Jacob used to travel all over Europe around in a gypsy wagon during the middle ages?”

“Really? That make’s Jacob really old then.”

“Yes. While they go plays gypsy for the next few years, I get to stay at Emily’s whipping nooses and changing diapers.” Abby didn’t’ sound to thrilled, Shine got the idea that she would much rather be traveling in a gypsy wagon than staying at a nursery with a baby and a bunch of small children.

“Emily’s isn’t too far from here. Maybe I can come visit you. Take you out for some grown up company once in a while.”

“Would you? I’d love it.”

“I was at Emily’s. She’s the one who gave me my nick name. I still write to her sometimes.”

“I wasn’t at Emily’s, was at the crèche close to the school. Can you tell me about her?”

Shine and Abby talked over coffee until Richard came out. It was decided that they would go out for breakfast, and then go do their separate errands and meet back up near Kat’s work for lunch.

Both Abby and Richard were curious about Kat. Both were pretty sure that their master/mistress wouldn’t have been will to take in their lovers.

Lessons learned the hard way by vampires over the centuries taught the value keeping their small population of servants’ content. It would not take Abby and Richard long to recognize the same thing that Joseph had, that Kat and Shine were sole mates. Separating them would have caused Shine no end of misery, an avoidable nuisance to himself. Joseph’s claiming of Kat wasn’t that big a deal to him. Drinking Kat’s blood once a month from a cup gave Joseph enough control over him to know what Kat was thinking and the ability to alter that thinking if necessary. So far he hadn’t found see a down side to having claimed Kat as a servant: it kept Shine happy and he had another source of blood that he didn’t have to hunt down or kill, and his own computer tech on call 24/7. Really, for the cost of some beer and pizza vs. the cost of a computer repair tech, he has pretty good deal.