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10 September 2006 @ 09:58 am
Fic Sunset Pt 3 of Unexpected Visitors Prompt 32 Sunset  
Written for 100originalfics
Title: Sunset, Pt 3
’Verse: Servants Journals
Characters: Joseph, Shine, Maggie, etc...
Prompt: 32 Sunset
Word Count: 1110
Rating: G
Notes: Flirting, silliness and a wee bit of angst
I think I’ll make a note here to say that all the vampires are attractive, handsome, beautiful, desirable, etc… If they weren’t they probably wouldn’t have been turned in the first place. I’m getting tired of repeating it over and over again for each story.


In the darkness of Joseph’s bed room there was no change in light to herald the setting of the sun. All was quiet and still and waiting. Three bodies lay unmoving on the bed, each curled against each other like spoons in a drawer. There was no warning or outward sign to tell when the waiting was over. When awareness returned to them it was with the suddenness of someone flipping a light switch, but all three for his or her own reason for not moving immediately.

Maggie stretched like a cat, luxuriating in the feel of having two of her favorite men curled around her. She giggled softly when Jacob’s hand drifted over her breast and gave it a quick squeeze before moving over Joseph’s shoulder to his chest to lightly tease his nipple. Joseph hesitated before moving away. He wasn’t sure what to do about it until Maggie giggled and swatted Jacob’s hand away playfully. They all laughed but Joseph was aware that Jacob had been making his interest clear, and Joseph didn’t know how he felt about it. At two hundred and fifty years old, Joseph wasn’t completely unaware or inexperienced in same-sex sex, but it had usually been out of necessity more than attraction when no women were available, and he’d always been the one in control. Compared to Jacob in age and experience Joseph felt like a blushing virgin, and that attracted Jacob like a fly to honey.

Maggie sat up and gave them both a peck on the cheek, slid off the end of the bed, picked up her overnight bag from inside the door, and sprinted across the hall into the bathroom before either of the men had a chance to object. With a shrug Jacob said, “You know she’ll be in there for an hour. We might as well wait for our turn in the tub in the living room.”

“An hour and a half at least.” Joseph grinned, well aware Maggie’s tendencies to hog the bathroom. “There is another bathroom in Shine’s room, the shower’s small but unoccupied.”

“That would be marvelous. Compared to the RV’s shower it will seem palatial and the less said about the truck stop we were at last night the better.” Jacob said picking up his own bag from beside the door; he turned back to Joseph with a mischievous grin. “We could squeeze in two. I don’t mind sharing.” He laughed at the look on Joseph’s face and left before the other man could form an answer.


Shine, Robert and Kat were hanging a new ceiling fan in the kitchen. It was something that Shine had wanted done for some time and he was taking advantage of having extra hands around to help him with it. He was handing tools and parts up to Kat and Robert on the ladder when he heard Joseph’s voice in his head letting him know that Jacob was using his shower. He looked out the window, only then noticing that it was dark out. Shine’s nonverbal response to his master was that it was a good thing he had already hung up some fresh towels.

Passing through the living room on his way to the kitchen, Joseph saw Abby asleep on the sofa, a cooking show droning on the TV and the remote control forgotten in her hand. The men were putting the last bits on the new fixture when he got to the kitchen. After they had tested it a few times to make sure it worked, Shine left to put the ladder back in the garage. Joseph followed him out. Kat followed them with his eyes. It had been almost two years since he realized the extent of the relationship between Shine and Joseph. Though he knew it wasn’t sexual at all, he still felt jealous that he had to share his lover with the vampire.

Robert pretended not to see the look on Kat’s face when Joseph followed Shine out the door. There wasn’t anything he could say that would help, and it wasn’t any of his business anyway.

Joseph and Shine returned to the kitchen at the same time Abby came in from the living room. She sat stiffly with her legs crossed, squirming and cursing under her breath. Joseph asked her what the problem was. “Both bathrooms are occupied.” Shine had been drinking a glass of water and managed to snort it up his nose. Robert and Kat had sudden coughing fits. Abby was seriously considering lobbing a teacup at them when Maggie came into the kitchen. Abby didn’t wait for an invitation before heading for the bathroom. Maggie wondered why the men were snickering but decided she really didn’t want to know.

Despite the earlier joking, Maggie was done with her shower before Jacob. Her hair was wet and she had on jeans and sleeveless t-shirt that said ‘I’m the one your momma warned you about’ on the front. Joseph thought it was funny considering how innocent she could look when she wanted too.


While Joseph was taking his turn in the shower, Maggie asked Jacob if he would please go out and leave her alone with Joseph for a few hours. She said it loud enough for Shine and Robert to overhear. They took the not so subtle hint and before she needed to ask them directly began making plans to be gone for the night.

When Joseph came back out to the main room Jacob cheerfully blurted, “Maggie told me to get lost for the night so she could trip you in private. Could I borrow your car and which way is the nearest Barnes & Noble?” Maggie chased him around the room a few time, threatening him with a wooden cooking spoon. Joseph tossed him his car keys and he caught them in one hand as she chased him out the door.

A minute later Robert started laughing and looked at Joseph, “He says you forgot to give him the directions to the book store.”

Before Robert could relay Joseph’s rude reply, Shine stifled his snickering long enough to tell Robert to tell Jacob that he could follow them. The store was in the same mall as the restaurant they had decided on. Then he started herding everyone who was going out the door before anyone could get hurt. Maggie was starting to look impatient, in his humble opinion.

Maggie shut the door behind them and leaned on it until she heard the two cars drive away. “Alone at last,” she said with a predatory look in her eyes, “Come here.” Joseph didn’t have to be asked twice.