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12 September 2006 @ 09:38 pm
Fic: What Home Feels Like  
Written for 100originalfics

Title: What Home Feels Like
’Verse: Servants Journals
Characters: Kat
Prompt: 90 Home
Word Count: 388
Rating: G
Notes: this one was also written for CreativeWriting_101@yahoogroups.com Exercise # 1, life experience. It hasn’t been sent to a proofreader yet and probably suffers greatly for it.

What Home Feels like

Kat dropped the bags he was carrying on the sofa on the way to his desk to turn on his computer, just like he did every time he came home. He dropped the keys into the cigar box on the kitchen counter along with his wallet and loose change; just the same as he did every time he came home. He looked around the small apartment expecting to feel the relief of being home after a long days work, but it didn’t come. Everything was the way he left it. There was still a pile of laundry to be folded and the stack of computer magazines on the coffee table. He could hear the sound of the computer booting up and the refrigerator humming.

Something didn’t feel right.

He started up I-Tunes when the computer was finished booting to fill the quiet. He tossed a frozen dinner unto the microwave and headed to the bathroom for a quick shower.

It wasn’t until after he had gotten into bed and was trying to sleep that he realized what had been bothering him all night. His home didn’t feel like home anymore.

If this wasn’t his home, where was?

A pair of haunting blue eyes framed by white wispy hair came immediately to his mind. Since when had Shine come to equal home to him?

Shine had been hinting for some time that he would like Kat to move in with him, and he did spend almost every night with him, so why not?

Why not, was that Kat had lived alone since he graduated trade school and started supporting himself. He valued his personal space and his privacy and Shine didn’t live alone, he lived in Joseph’s house. It was a big house and Shine had his own room and bath, but it was still sharing a house.

His mind pondered the pros and cons keeping him from sleeping until he came to a possible solution. It was a big house; it had a few extra rooms. Maybe the next time Shine hinted that he could move in he would hint back that it would only be if he got his own room… not that he planned to sleep in it. Happy with his decision he let the memory of blue eyes and white hair lull him to sleep.