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Kelli's Babblings

This, That, and the Other Thing

17 June 1961
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I am over closer to 50 than 40.
I have to kids, a girl in the 7th grade and a boy 4nd.
I am happyly married and have been for almost 18 years now. (Where did the time go?)

I have notorisly bad spelling

However! Almost all of the fiction stories posted here have been spellchecked, edited, and/or proofread by someone else, so will have much better spelling and grammer than any of the rambling family or personal posts.

Here is an index page of some of the stories and snippits I have posted on LJ.
for the Blood Servants stories go here
My big Table
most were Written for 100originalfics

you can also use the tags to find stories

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I am also co-moding the drabble comunity 100drabbles come check it out

my Blog is here Kelli's Ramblings