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Fic: The Rare Rose, Fourth Night

This bit would be part of The Rare Rose
rated G
Original Characters

Fourth Night


Kit didn’t need to feed every night. He could easily skip a night without feeling hunger, if the had to he could go as long five or six days with out feeding, but the longer he waited he hungrier he became and greater became the chance of loosing control and doing something stupid, that would get him and/or another killed.

He had never planned make all his feeding from Rose. Though she couldn’t be turned, she could still get sick if he drank from her to often without letting her recover from the loss. Besides, Kit liked the hunt; he had no intentions of giving it up. He’d gone hunting a two nights ago, but he was hungry again.

Kit had been a little worried that Rose might try to run away during the day, he was relieved she hadn’t. He could have easily tracked her down through the blood bond if she had, but he was gland he didn’t need to. For what ever her reason’s she was there, and he was hungry.

The blood bond he found out, worked both way.

Rose was sitting by the fire shelling nuts, putting the meats in a bowl and the shells in the fire, causing it to hiss and pop. Unexpectedly she stopped and watched him apprehensively. Kit stood up and held out his hand to help her to her feet. Rose let him help her up.

“I want you to try something. I know it hurt the other night. I want you to try this, close your eyes and take a deep breath. Concentrate on your breathing and only on your breathing.” He waited for Rose do as he said; he heard her heart beat slow down. “Relax; don’t react to anything but your breath. Don’t pay attention to anything but your breathing.” She didn’t react when he moved her hair out of the way as he continued to direct her to concentrate inward. Her only reaction was a quickly drawn in breath when his fangs pierced her.

Rose forced herself to not tense up, to feel the air in her lungs and she drew it in and let it back out again, not to react to the pain in her neck, it was only a little pain after all, she could ignore it if she wanted to… breath in, breath out... She almost didn’t notice when he was done.

She stared at him in wonder, “What did you do to me?”

“I didn’t do anything, you did it all by yourself. Now, off to bed with you, wench.” Bemused, rose started up the ladder to her loft. Behind her she heard him say. “Thank you Rose. Good day and pleasant dreams.”

“And to you too sir.”


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