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Fic: Not What It Looks Like, Revised

I changed some things, so this would be a revised version.

Not What It Looks Like
Kelli H.
Fan fic for Natura Morta
Original characters from Abril’s world,
I’m just playing in her sandbox.

Joseph didn’t need me for anything that night and had even offered me ride to town if I wanted it. He parked the car in a pay lot and we went our separate ways; him, to the swanky dance club up the block to meet his date, and me for the bars in the other direction. He would contact me through be blood bond when he was ready to go home.

Joseph had been stringing Nancy along; he likes to play with his food. She was an empty headed selfish little twit, who thought she was taking him for a ride for his money. She was unaware that he’s been drinking her blood for almost a fortnight. He would kill her soon before she showed any signs of the changing sickness. Vampires almost always kill the humans they drink from, unless they plan to bring them over.

That night I was hoping to get lucky. And lucky I was getting too, with a beautiful young man with big blue eye, pail skin and long black hair. He called himself Kat, and the moved like one too. We were just sitting down in a dark corner in the back of the bar when I got the summons from my Master.

Joseph is rather mellow compared to some of the other masters I’ve met, but I am careful not to give him any reason to punish me. Being a vampire’s servant means when your master says “jump”, you ask how high and witch direction on your way up. I heard Joseph’s voice in my head calling me; he had changed his mind and wanted to feed from me before he met up with Nancy. No big deal, it’s what I was born for, but it was rotten timing. I couldn’t explain to Kat why I suddenly had to leave, and he couldn’t come with me. I promised him if he waited I would be back in half an hour, forty-five minuets tops and make it up to him. He didn’t believe me and was pissed off, but he made no move to stop me from leaving.

I nearly ran the three bocks back to the car where Joseph was waiting for me. I was unbuttoning my jacket and baring my neck before I got to him. Neither one of think much of it anymore; I’ve been his servant for over four years. I don’t flinch anymore when his fangs pierce my neck. When you do something two or three times a week the “ouch” tends to wares off. We weren’t worried about what we looked like, his hands on my shoulders; his face berried in my neck. In this neighborhood nobody gave a damn about a same sex couple making out in a parking lot.

What we didn’t expect was Nancy showing up in the same parking lot, and Cat living up to his name sake’s curiosity, and deciding to follow me from the bar. We were startled by Nancy’s angry voice calling Joseph two timing basted, at the same time Cat’s reached the parking lot.

Joseph jumped away from me so quickly that blood still dripped down my neck but Nancy only saw that I wasn’t a girl. That made her angrier and she called Joseph a faggot on top of every thing ells and stomped away. Kat reached us from the other direction in time to see Nancy’s less than lady like exit.

I was standing there with my mouth open like a landed fish, wondering what to do next. Joseph sighed in resignation and told me to take a cab home. Then he took off after Nancy, whether to kill her or soothe her, I didn’t know or care. I was just glad he wasn’t going to kill cat, and he trusted me enough to take care of him on my own.

Kat apologized for following me, saying if I’d just told him I had to meet my sugar daddy he would have waited. That remark pissed me off, because there is nothing sexual between me and Joseph. Never has been, never will be. But I couldn’t very well tell him that Joseph was a vampire and I was in effect his slave, now could I?

Then he saw the blood on my neck. He was quite alarmed and started asking what happened, was I all right did I need help? His genuine concern for me caused me to forgive him for thinking I was some kind of whore. I have to admit from Kat’s point of view it did look incriminating. Not too many people have ever showed concern for me. I told him not to worry about me and before he could say anything more I kissed him. I had till the next sundown to convince him I was ok and I intended to enjoy every minuet of it.

the beginning

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